★FINISHED!★ Multiple Choice Questions on Every Verse in Nahum

For the first time, the chapter/verse of the question will not always be given with the question, adding some challenge....

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What is the burden against in Nahum 1:1?
What is against Nineveh in Nahum 1:1?
The burden (also oracle)
Nahum is the book of what, according to Nahum 1:1?
The vision of Nahum
By what method was Nineveh's burden revealed to Nahum?
Vision (chazon)
Whose vision is recorded in Nahum?
What people was Nahum from?
The Elkoshites
How is God described in Nahum 1:2?
As being jealous, vengeful and furious
Who is jealous, according to Nahum 1?
Who avenges, according to Nahum 1?
Who is furious, according to Nahum 1?
According to Nahum 1:2, on whom does the LORD take vengeance?
His adversaries
Who reserves wrath, according to Nahum 1?
According to Nahum 1:2, for whom is wrath reserved?
The LORD's enemies
Who is slow to anger, according to Nahum 1?
Who is great in power, according to Nahum 1?
According to Nahum 1:3, what will God not do?
Acquit the wicked
Who has his way, according to Nahum 1?
In what does Nahum 1:3 say the LORD has His way in?
The whirlwind and storm
What does Nahum 1 say is the dust of God's feet?
The clouds
How are clouds described?
As being the dust of God's feet
What does the LORD do to the sea in Nahum 1?
He rebukes it and dries it up
What does the LORD do to the rivers in Nahum 1?
He dries them up
What withers in Nahum 1?
Bashan, Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon
What happens to Bashan and Carmel?
They wither
According to Nahum 1:5, what quakes before God?
The mountains
According to Nahum 1:5, what melts before God?
The hills
According to Nahum 1:5, what heaves/burns at God's presence?
The earth and all dwelling in it
What makes the earth heave/burn?
God's presence
What makes the inhabitants of the earth heave/burn?
God's presence
Can anyone stand before the Lord's indignation?
Can anyone endure the fierceness of the Lord's 'aph?
What is poured out like fire in Nahum 1:6?
The Lord's fury
In Nahum 1:6, how is the Lord's fury poured out?
Like fire ('esh)
What is thrown down by God in Nahum 1:6?
The rocks
What happens to the rocks in Nahum?
They are thrown down by God
How is God described in Nahum 1:7?
He is good, and a stronghold who knows those trusting Him
Who is good, according to Nahum 1?
Who is a stronghold, according to Nahum 1?
Who does the LORD know, according to Nahum 1:7?
Those who trust Him
According to Nahum 1:8, with what will God make an utter destruction?
An overflowing flood
What is the overflowing flood for?
Utterly destroying the place
What will pursue God's enemies?
Darkness (choshek)
What happens when people conspire against the LORD?
He makes an utter end of it
What will not rise up a second time?
When will they be devoured like dry stubble?
When they are tangled like thorns and drunken like drunkards
What does the wicked counselor do?
He plots evil against the LORD
Who plots evil against the LORD in Nahum 1?
The wicked counselor
Who speaks in Nahum 1:12?
According to Nahum 1, what will happen to affliction even though its perpetrators are safe/at peace and numerous?
It will be cut down when He passes through
What has the Lord done, according to Nahum 1:12?
Afflicted ('anah)
What will the Lord no longer do, according to Nahum 1:12?
What will the Lord do in Nahum 1:13?
Break the yoke and burst their bonds
What is be broken in Nahum 1:13?
yoke (mowt)
What is burst/torn apart in Nahum 1:13?
What happens to Assyria's yoke on Israel?
It is broken
What happens to Israel's bonds?
They are burst (torn apart)
What has the Lord given in Nahum 1?
A command
Who gives a command in Nahum 1?
Where will the idols be cut off, according to Nahum 1?
In the house of the gods
What two things will the Lord do, according to Nahum 1:14?
Cut off idols and dig (NASB: prepare; ESV: make) grave
Why will the Lord dig/prepare/make their grave?
Because they are vile (qalal)
Where are the feet of the one who brings good tidings and proclaims feet?
Upon the mountains
According to Nahum 1:15, who is on the mountains?
The feet of the one bringing good news of peace
Who does the one from the mountains bring, according to Nahum 1?
Good news
Who does the one from the mountains proclaim, according to Nahum 1?
Peace (shalom)
Who is mentioned in Nahum 1:15?
What is Judah instructed to do in Nahum 1:15?
Keep (also celebrate) your (appointed) feasts and perform your vows
According to Nahum 1:15, what is to be kept/celebrated?
The appointed feasts
According to Nahum 1:15, what is to be performed?
Vows (neder)
Why is Judah thus instructed in Nahum 1?
Because the wicked one (also worthlessness) will not pass through you because he/it is cut off
What happens to the wicked one/worthlessness in Nahum 1:15?
He/it is cut off
Who has come up before our face in Nahum 2:1?
He who scatters (KJV: dasheth in pieces)
Where has the scatterer ascended?
Before Nineveh's face
What is to be manned in Nahum 2:1?
The fort
What is to be watched in Nahum 2:1?
The road
What is to be strengthened in Nahum 2:1?
The flanks (mothen)
What is to be fortified greatly in Nahum 2:1?
Power (koach)
What will the Lord do in Nahum 2:2?
Restore the excellence of Jacob like Israel's
What two people/places are mentioned in Nahum 2:2?
Jacob and Israel
What have emptiers done?
Emptied out Jacob and Israel and ruined their vine branches
What kind of branches are mentioned in Nahum 2:2?
Vine branches
How are the men with shields described in Nahum?
As being mighty
How are the men's shields described?
As having been made red (that is, too display blood, according to original Hebrew)
What is made red (or displays blood) in Nahum?
The shields of his mighty men
What are the valiant men wearing in Nahum 2?
Who is clad in scarlet in Nahum?
The valiant men
According to Nahum 2:3, what do the chariots have?
Flaming torches
What has flaming torches?
The chariots
What is brandished in Nahum 2?
The spears (also cypresses or cypress spears)
According to Nahum 2:4, what do the chariots do?
Rage and jostle in the streets
What do the chariots of Nahum 2:4 seem like?
What do the chariots of Nahum 2:4 run like?
Lightning (baraq)
Who is remembered?
His nobles (ESV: Officers)
Who stumbles in Nahum 2?
His nobles (ESV: Officers)
What do the nobles/officers do?
They stumble as they make haste to the walls to set up (also 'prepare') the defense (mantlet/siege tower)
Where do the nobles/officers make haste to?
The walls
How do the nobles/officers walk?
What is set up/prepared in Nahum 2:5?
The defense (mantlet/siege tower)
What is opened in Nahum 2?
The gates of the rivers
What happens to the river gates?
They are opened
What happens to the palace?
It melts (NKJV: dissolves) (moog)
What melts/dissolves in Nahum 2:6?
The palace
What happens in Nahum 2:7?
She will be exiled (stripped) and carried off
Who will lead/lament/moan in Nahum 2:7?
Her maids
What will her maids do?
Lament for her as doves and beat upon their breasts
Her maids will lament for her as with the voice of what?
What will her maids beat upon?
Their breasts
Who/what is mentioned in Nahum 2:8?
How is Nineveh likened to in Nahum 2?
A pool
What are the Ninevites doing in Nahum 2:8?
Fleeing (nuwc)
What is cried in Nahum 2:8?
Halt! (or Stop!)
According to Nahum 2:8, will anyone turn back?
What does Nahum 2 say can be plundered?
Silver, gold, and every desirable thing
Of what is there no end of in Nahum 2:9?
Treasures, wealth, and precious things
How is Nineveh described in Nahum 2?
It is empty, desolate, and waste (also 'ruined')
What are hearts doing in Nahum 2?
What are knees doing in Nahum 2?
Trembling (also "shaking" and "knocking")
According to Nahum 2:10, where is there pain?
On every side (also 'in the loins')
What are faces doing in Nahum 2?
Growing pale
Whose den is mentioned in Nahum?
The lions' ('aiyre)
Whose feeding place is mentioned in Nahum?
The young lions'
Who walked in the young lions' feeding place?
The lion, lioness and their cub
Did anything disturb the lions or make them afraid?
What did the lion do in Nahum 2:12?
He tore meat for his cubs, killed (also 'strangled') for his lionesses, and filled his caves and dens with prey
For whom did the lion tear meat for?
His cubs
For whom did the lion kill/strangle prey for?
His lionesses
With what did the lion fill his caves and dens?
Who is speaking in Nahum 2:13?
Paraphrase what the Lord says in Nahum 2:13
I am against you! I will burn your chariots, and kill your lions - you will have no prey on the earth, and no one will ever hear of you again
According to Nahum 2:13, what will happen to the chariots?
They will be burned
According to Nahum 2:13, what will happen to the lions?
The sword will kill them
According to Nahum 2, will Nineveh ever be heard of again?
Who/what is woe to?
That bloody city
How is Nineveh described in Nahum 3:1?
As a bloody city
How is that bloody city described as being in Nahum 3:1?
Full of lies and plundering
According to Nahum 3:1, what never departs?
Its prey (tereph)
What noises are heard in Nahum 3:2?
A whip, rattling wheels, galloping horses and bounding chariots
What do horses do in Nahum 3:2?
What are the chariot wheels doing in Nahum 3:2?
What are the chariots doing in Nahum 3:2?
What are horsemen doing in Nahum 3:3?
What flashes in Nahum 3:3?
What glitters in Nahum 3:3?
What is there a large number of in Nahum 3:3?
Corpses (geviyah)
According to Nahum 3, can the dead bodies be counted?
According to Nahum 3, why can't the dead bodies be counted?
Because of their vast number
What happens to those who try to get through the dead bodies?
They stumble
What is the root of Nineveh's problem?
The harlot's harlotries and
How does Nahum describe Nineveh's harlot?
As a practicer of sorcery who sells nations and families through her sorceries and harlotries
Who does the harlot sell?
Nations and families
What happens to nations and families in Nahum 3?
They are sold by the harlot's harlotries and sorceries
Paraphrase what the Lord says in Nahum 3:5
I am against you! I will lift your skirts over your face and reveal your nakedness to make you a disgrace
What will the Lord do with their skirts?
He will lift them over their faces
Why will the Lord lift their skirts over their faces?
To show the nations their nakedness and shame
What will the Lord show the nations in Nahum 3?
Nineveh's nakedness and shame
Paraphrase what the Lord says in Nahum 3:6
I will contemptuously throw filth upon you and make you spectacle
What will happen when Nineveh is made a spectacle?
Those who look upon them will flee and speak of her wasted state
What will be said in Nahum 3:7?
Nineveh is wasted! (NASB: devastated)
According to Nahum 3:7, will anyone bemoan Nineveh's devastation?
According to Nahum 3:7, will anyone be a comforter for Nineveh?
What city is mentioned in Nahum 3:8?
No Amon (ESV: Thebes)
Where was No Amon/Thebes located?
by the Nile (NKJV: River)
What surrounded No Amon/Thebes?
What was No Amon's rampart?
The sea
What was No Amon's wall?
The sea (ESV: water)
What regions constituted Assyria's strength?
Ethiopia (ESV & Hebrew manuscripts: Cush) and Egypt
Did the strength of Assyria's strongest territories, Ethiopia/Cush and Egypt have any boundaries?
Who were Nineveh's chief helpers?
Put and Lubim
What did Put and Lubim do for Nineveh?
What happened to Nineveh despite the help of her allies?
It was carried into exile
Where did Nineveh go?
Into captivity
What happened to the young children of Nineveh?
The conquering enemy dashed them to pieces
Where did Nineveh's conquerors dash the Ninevite infants to pieces?
At the head of every street
What were lots cast for?
Nineveh's honorable men
What happened to Nineveh's honorable men?
Lots were cast for them
Who was bound chains in Nahum 3:10?
Nineveh's great men
What happened to Nineveh's great men?
They were bound in chains
What will the Ninevites do in the day of their captivity?
They will be drunk and they will be hiding from the enemy
From whom will refuge be sought?
The enemy
What are Nineveh's fortifications/strongholds/fortresses compared to?
Fig trees with ripened figs
What happens when Nineveh's fortifications/strongholds/fortresses are shaken like fig trees?
The Ninevites will fall into the mouth of the devouring enemy like figs
Into whose mouth will the Ninevites fall when their fortifications/strongholds/fortresses are shaken like fig trees?
The eater's
What are the troops/men of Nineveh acting like?
What evidence from Nahum do we have to support the accusation of the Ninevite troops/men behaving like women?
Their gates were wide open for their enemies
What was the result of Nineveh's troops/men leaving their gates wide open?
Their gates were devoured by fire
What should Nineveh do, according to Nahum 3:14?
Draw themselves water for the siege and tread clay for mortar for brick
What should the Ninevites draw for themselves?
Water (mayim)
For what should the Ninevites draw water?
The siege
What are the Ninevites to tread?
The mortar (or clay)
For what should the Ninevites tread the mortar/clay?
The brink mold (NKJV: kiln)
Where will fire devour the Ninevites?
While they tread clay for mortar for brick
Where will the sword cut off the Ninevites?
While they tread clay for mortar for brick
What will happen while the Ninevites tread clay for mortar for brick?
They will either be devoured by fire or cut down by the sword
The killing of the Ninevites is compared to what in Nahum 3?
The devouring of the locust
What should Nineveh do, according to Nahum 3:15?
Multiply themselves like locusts
According to Nahum 3:16, what has Nineveh done?
Increased her traders more than the stars of heaven
According to Nahum, what does the locust do?
Plunders (NASB: strips; ESV: spreads wings) and flies away
What are Nineveh's commanders/guardsmen/princes like?
Swarming locusts (ESV: grasshoppers)
What are Nineveh's marshals like?
A swarm of grasshoppers that settle on fences in coolness of day, then fly away as the sun rises
When do the grasshoppers settle on the fences/hedges/stone walls?
In coolness of day
What do the grasshoppers do when the sun rises?
They fly away
When do the grasshoppers fly away?
When the sun rises
What are Assyrian shepherds doing?
Sleeping (NKJV: slumbering)
Who is sleeping/slumbering in Nahum 3?
Assyria's shepherds
What are Assyrian nobles doing?
Lying down
Who lies down in Nahum 3?
Assyria's nobles
Where are the Ninevites in Nahum 3:18?
Scattered across the mountains
Does anyone gather together the scattered Ninevites?
Is there any relief for Assyria's injury?
How is Assyria's wound described as being?
Severe (NASB: incurable; ESV: grievous)
What will those hearing news of Nineveh do?
Clap their hands because of it
According to Nahum 3, has any nation escaped the wickedness of the evil Nineveh?