20 terms

Film Elements Vocabulary

Aerial Shot
A shot from high above, usually from a crane or helicopter.
Archival footage
Video clips from the past are used.
Close- Up
A framing in which the scale of the object is relatively large, most commonly a person's head from the neck up, or an object of comparable size that fills most of the screen.
At the end of the documentary there is a clip that serves as a comment on or conclusion to what happened.
Establishing shot
A shot, usually involving distant framing, that shows the spatial relations among important figures, objects, and setting in a scene.
Freeze Frame
When the movement of the film image appears to stop so that it appears like a photographic still.
Inter Title
The narrator's comments are written out and flashed up on the screen for the audience to read.
Participants, witnesses, or experts are interviewed regarding the subject of the documentary.
Ken Burns Effect Photography
Photographs are panned and/or zoomed to create movement from still photography.
Long Take
A shot that continues for an unusually lengthy time before the transition to the next shot.
All of the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed: the setting and props, lighting, costumes and make- up, and figure behavior.
A shot that pivots from left to right without the camera changing position.
Point of View Shot (POV Shot)
A shot taken with the camera placed approximately where the character's eyes would be, showing what the person would see as if you were experiencing an event with the person.
A film with extreme bias that attempts to persuade the audience.
Actors are filmed acting and recreating the scene.
The musical soundtrack for a movie.
Shot/ Reverse- Shot
Two or more edited together that alternate characters, typically in a conversation situation. Over-the-shoulder framing are common in this type of editing.
Slow Motion
When action is filmed at a speed faster than 24 frames a second that action appears unusually slow when projected at normal speed.
Still photo
A photograph used to depict something through traditional film or digital photography.
"Voice Of God" Narrator
Is narration that is anonymous and "all-knowing."