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Chapter Thirteen: Building an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

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Evidence based practice is the conscious integration of _____ with _____ and _____ in the delivery of quality, cost-effective health care.
Evidence based practice is the conscious integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient needs and values in the delivery of quality, safe, cost-effective health care.
What are some barriers to evidence-based practice?
nursing lacks research / evidence for certain nursing interventions.
evidence is based on population data and may be difficult to apply to people as individuals.
agencies / administrators may not always provide resources to
What are some ways that agencies / administrators do not provide support for the implementation of EBP?
1.) not providing access to research journals, sources of synthesized research findings, or evidence-based guidelines
2.) inadequate knowledge on how to implement EBPchanges in practice.
3.) heavy workloads with limited time to make evidence-based changes in practice.
4.) limiting RN's authority to change patient care based on research findings
5.) limited support from administrators or medical staff to make evidence-based changes in practice.
6.) providing limited funds to support research-based changes for practice
7.) providing few rewards for RNs delivering evidence-based care to patients and families.
What are the benefits of implementing EBP?
improved outcomes for patients, providers, and healthcare agencies.
the evidence has been synthesized by teams of researchers and clinicians to develop strong evidence-based guidelines for practice.
the evidence is easily accessible
it helps agencies meets accreditation requirements and assists with obtaining magnet status
What is a systematic review?
A structured, comprehensive synthesis of the research literature to determine the best research evidence to address a healthcare question.
What is a meta-analysis?
A meta-analysis statistically pools the results from previous studies into a single quantitative analysis that provides the highest level of evidence for an intervention's efficacy.
What is a meta synthesis??
A systematic compilation and integration of qualitative study results to expand understanding and develop a unique interpretation of study findings in the selected area.
What is a metasummary?
A summarizing of findings across qualitative reports to identify knowledge in a selected area.
What are the elements of a PICO question?
P: population or participants of interest
I: intervention needed for practice
C: comparisons of interventions to determine the best for practice
O: outcomes needed for practice
What are the two triggers that initiate a need for a change or an evidence-based practice project?
a problem-focused trigger or a knowledge-focused trigger
What are some typical problem-focused triggers in the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice?
risk management data
process improvement data
internal / external benchmarking data
financial data
identification of a clinical problem
What are some typical knowledge-focused triggers in the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice?
new research or other literature
national agencies or organizational standards and guidelines
philosophies of care
observation from institutional standards committee
If a topic is a priority for the organization, what is the next step in the Iowa Model?
form a team and assemble the relevant research and related literature
What are the steps to piloting the change in practice?
select the outcomes to be achieved
collect baseline data
design and implement EBP guidelines
pilot the new guidelines on the unit(s)
evaluate the process and outcomes
modify the new practice guideline as needed
Once you have piloted the change in practice what should you do?
Consider whether the change is appropriate for adoption in practice. If so, insititute the change, continue to collect data, and share your results!!
What are evidence based guidelines?
Evidence based guidelines contain the best research evidence that has been synthesized by a panel of experts into comprehensive, current directions for using research in practice.