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What is the three part definition of delirium?
1. Disturbance of consciousness
2. Rapid onset
3. Secondary to a medical condition outside of the brain
What are three important underlying risk factors to consider in a pt with delirium?
1. Advanced age
2. Underlying brain disease
3. Sensory impairment
What is the triad of presenting features in delirium?
1. Disturbance of consciousness
2. Disturbance of cognition
3. Temporal course - sudden onset, fluctuating
What are the three groups of aetiologies to consider first in delirium?
1. Drugs
2. Infections
3. Electrolyte and metabolic disturbances
What are the three diagnoses to consider in someone that appears to have a disturbance in consciousness and cognition?
1. Delirium
2. Depression
3. Dementia
What are the three steps to consider in managing delirium?
1. Treat underlying condition
2. Supportive care
3. Pharmacologic agents (usually haloperidol) for acute behaviour disturbance