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Life Science. Chapter 7 Vocabulary. Chapter 7 - Bacteria. Mrs. Robasky. Seventh grade. 2011. WBA. *Again, let me know if I have any errors.


any organism that uses oxygen for respiration.


any organism that is able to live without oxygen.


chemicals produced by some bacteria that are used to limit the growth of other bacteria.


thick-walled, protective structure produced by some bacteria when conditions are unfavorable for survival.


simplest form of asexual reproduction in which two new cells are produced with genetic material identical to each other and identical to the previous cell.


long, thin whiplike structure that helps organisms move through moist or wet surroundings.

nitrogen-fixing bacteria

bacteria that convert nitrogen in the air into forms that can be used by poants and animals.


disease-producing organism.


organism that uses dead organisms as a food source and helps recycle nutrients so they are available for use by other organisms.


poisonous substance produced by some pathogens.


preparation made from killed bacteria or damaged particles from bacterial cell walls or viruses that can prevent some bacterial and viral diseases.

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