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  1. tener prisa
  2. tener cuidado
  3. tener sed
  4. tener celos
  5. tener frío
  1. a to be careful
  2. b to be jealous (LA)
  3. c to be in a hurry
  4. d to be cold
  5. e to be thirsty

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  1. to be hot
  2. to trust
  3. to be embarrassed
  4. to be in pain
  5. to be hungry

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  1. tener sueñoto be lucky/ to have luck


  2. tener envidiato be jealous/envious


  3. tener ganas deto feel like/to be in the mood for


  4. tener lugarto take place


  5. tener la culpato be jealous (LA)