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Vocabulary from Chapter 7 of American Pageant.


A system in which benefits, including jobs, money, or protection, are granted in exchange for political support.


The economic theory that all parts of an economy should be coordinated for the good of the whole state; hence, that colonial economics should be subordinated for the benefit of an empire.


To decrease in value, as in the decline of the purchasing power of money.


The constitutional right of a ruler or executive to block legislation passed by another unit of government.


The complete control of a product or sphere of economic activity by a single producer or business.

Admiralty Courts

In British law, special administrative courts designed to handle maritime cases without a jury.

Virtual Representation

The political theory that a class of persons is represented in a lawmaking body without direct vote.

Nonimportation Agreement

Pledges to boycott, or decline to purchase, certain goods from abroad.


A person of mixed African and European ancestry.


A customs tax on the export or import of goods.


A systematic program or particular materials designed to promote certain ideas; sometimes but not always the term is used negatively, implying the use of manipulative or deceptive means.


An organized refusal to deal with some person, organization, or product.


An increase in the supply of currency relative to the goods available, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of money.


To leave official government or military service without permission.

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