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Typically complex; discusses intangible qualities like good and evil


Adjective: Dry and theoretical


In poetry, the stressed portion of a word
EX: "to BE or NOT to be"


Appealing to the senses. like artistic judgement.
EX: A kid who has a room filled with pictures of kittens ad daisies, with pink walls and listens to nothing but happy busic


A story in which each aspect of the story has a symbolic meaning outside the tale itself


Misplaced in time.
EX: If an actor in a play about Julias Caesar forgets to take off his wristwatch


A comparison involve two or more symbolic parts used to clarify an action or a relationship


Short Narrative


In literature when intimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena are given human characteristics, behavior or motivation


An action produces far smaller results than one had been led to expect


Protagonist(main character) who is unheroic: morally weak, cowardly, dishonest, or any umber of other unsavory qualities


Short and witty saying
EX: "Classic? a book which people praise and dont read"


The use of old fashioned language
EX: "Ye Olde Candle Shoppe"


A speech/short comment made by an actor to the audience as though momentarily stepping outside the action on stage


The emotional tone or background that surrounds a scene


Long, narrative poem, very regular meter and rhyme.

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