Bible Bee Study 2014: NAHUM (In Progress)

Questions on verses in Nahum, background information about the book, cross references, Greek/Hebrew words, and basically anything and everything about the book of Nahum that I think could possibly be covered in the 2014 Senior Bible Bee Nationals Written Test. All cross references are taken from memory passages (so far, only SENIOR memory passages, but that may change). *Under Construction (and probably will be until the day of the BB)* Sources/Credits: Dr.…

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What does Nahum mean?
Of which city was Nahum an oracle?
When was the book of Nahum written (estimate)?
7th century BC
How many verses does the book of Nahum have in it?
How many verses does Nahum 1 have in it?
How many verses does Nahum 2 have in it?
How many verses does Nahum 3 have in it?
What two titles is Nahum described with in Nahum 1:1?
Oracle of Nineveh and Elkoshite
What is the Hebrew word for jealous, used in Nahum 1:2?
What is the Hebrew word for avenging, used in Nahum 1:2?
What is the Hebrew word for wrathful, used in Nahum 1:2?
Although God has every right to be ka'ac (angry), what verse in Ecclesiastes addresses what our attitude to anger should be?
Ecc 7:9 (Do not be eager in your heart to be angry for anger resides in the bosom of fools)
What two places wither in Nahum 1:4?
Bashan and Carmel
Which king of Bashan is often referenced in connection with Bashan?
Og (name means: round)
Which of David's wives was from Mount Carmel, a location referenced in Nahum 1:4?
What/where is Carmel?
It is a coastal mountain range in Israel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
The blossoms of what place wither in Nahum 1:4?
Who is described in depth in Nahum 1?
The Lord
What does Lebanon mean?
White mountain
What natural resource did Lebanon possess?
What aspect of God is described in Nahum 1?
His wrath
What was the last king under which Assyria flourished?
Nineveh is compared to a lion in Nahum chapter 3, an Assyrian symbol of what?
When did Nineveh fall?
612 BC
At whose hands did Nineveh fall?
The Medes, Scythians and Babylonians
What was the name of the Median king who attacked Nineveh?
There are only 2 places in the Bible where the name Nahum is found. Nahum 1:1 is the first, where is the second?
Luke 3:25
The destruction of which city is referenced in Nahum (3:8), which was destroyed by Assyria itself?
Thebes (No-amon)
The fall of Thebes, important because of Nahum's reference to it thus helping to date the book, took place when?
663 BC
Which Assyrian king conquered Thebes?
As Nahum 1:3 brings up God's patience, what verse in Micah also highlights God's quickness to forgive/lack of holding to aph/anger even in the midst of his judgment?
Micah 7:18 (He does not retain His anger forever)
Nahum was probably written during the reign of which king, when Judah was under the yoke of Assyria?
King Manessah
Who were Nahum's contemporaries?
Zephaniah, Jeremiah, and Habukkuk
Besides Nahum, which Minor Prophets focused mainly on the destruction of Gentile nations?
Obadiah (Edom) and Habakkuk (Chaldea/Babylon)
Which river, referenced in Nahum 2:6, overflowed its banks, weakening the walls of Nineveh (and giving the Babylonians a way in)?
The Khosr river, a tributary of the Tigris river
What two Hebrew words for God are used in Nahum 1:2?
El and Yehovah
What Hebrew word is used in Nahum 1:1, meaning 'oracle' or 'burden'?
What Hebrew word is used in Nahum 1:1, meaning 'vision'?
What Hebrew word is used 3 times in Nahum 1:2 alone?
What will the Lord not leave in Nahum 1:3?
The guilty unpunished
What Hebrew word is used for anger in Nahum 1:3?
What does Yehovah rebuke in Nahum 1:4?
The sea
What is the Hebrew word for quake, used in Nahum 1:4?
Which verse in Ezekiel is a cross reference for ra'ash in Nahum 1:4?
Ezekiel 31:16 (I made the nations quake)
What three nouns are used to describe God in Nahum 1:6?
Indignation, wrath, anger
What Hebrew word is used to describe the Lord in Nahum 1:7a?
Towb (good)
Whom does Yehovah know in Nahum 1:7?
Those who take refuge in Him
What verse in Isaiah, talking about the Messiah, uses a similar terminology as Nahum 1:15, referring to the defeat of Nineveh?
Isaiah 52:7 ('the feet of him who bring good news')
What Hebrew word is used for 'mountains' in Nahum 1?
What verse in Amos, telling of God's power, demonstrates God's supremacy over the har, or mountains, which is also pointed out in Nahum 1:5?
Amos 4:13 (For behold, He who forms mountains)
Between them, how many times do Nahum 1 and 2 use the Hebrew word 'Yehovah'?
Which verse in Jonah 1 cross references Nahum 1:4, specifically the Lord's direct control over the seas?
verse 4 (easy to remember, right?)
What 'natural disaster' is God behind in Nahum 1:4, an act God is often found doing in the OT for judgement?
What is upheaved by God's presence in Nahum 1:5?
The earth/world and all the inhabitants in it
What literary devices are employed in Nahum 1:6 twice, to emphasize God's wrath?
Rhetorical questions
What Hebrew word is used in Nahum 1:6, meaning 'indignation'?
What verse in Isaiah, encouraging Israel and telling them of their future glory, is a good cross-reference for Nahum 1:4, which mentions 'the blossoms of Lebanon'?
Isaiah 60:13 ('the glory of Lebanon will come to you')
Nahum 1:7, praising the Lord as a stronghold, can be cross referenced by what verse from Proverbs (local memory passage)?
Proverbs 18:10
What Hebrew word means 'stronghold/refuge' in Nahum 1:7?
What will the Lord pursue the enemies into in Nahum 1:8?
Darkness (choshek)
In which verse (from a memory passage) is the Hebrew word choshek appear, meaning darkness, from Nahum 1:8?
Isaiah 60:2
What is the Hebrew word for sea, used in both Nahum 1:4 and Isaiah 60:5?
What Hebrew word, meaning vision, is used in the first verse of both Obadiah and Nahum?
What verse in Obadiah uses the Hebrew word qash, used in Nahum 1:10?
Obadiah 1:18 (but the house of Esau will be as stubble)
What is the Hebrew word used for the word 'stubble' in Nahum 1:10 (and Obadiah 1:18)?
Was Nineveh ever rebuilt?
Who is the 'wicked counselor' in Nahum 1:11 probably a reference to?
What chapters in 2 Kings tell the story of the attack of Sannecherib, a wicked king of Assyria, on King Hezekiah?
2 Kings 18 & 19
What was the result of Sannecherib's attack on Judah in 2 Kings 18 and 19?
An angel of the Lord killed 185,000 of the Assyrians
Where did Sannecherib, king of Assyria, go after his attack on King Hezekiah failed in 2 Kings 19?
He departed and returned home, and lived at Nineveh
How did Sennacherib, king of Assyria, die, according to 2 Kings 19:37?
As he was worshiping in the house of Nisroch his god, he was killed by Adrammelech and Sharezer
What country does Nahum 1:12-13, 1:15 address?
Which verse in Nahum is the only one where the phrase 'Thus says the Lord' (Heb = Koh amar Yehovah) occurs?
Nahum 1:12 (right before God speaks to Judah, encouraging them!)
What would be a literal translation of the Hebrew phrase used in Nahum 1:12, 'shalem ken rab' describing Assyria's current position at the time of the oracle?
(shalem) peaceful/complete/unharmed (ken) and likewise (rab) many/strong/great
What did the Lord compare Assyria's oppression to in Nahum 1:13?
A yoke bar/pole
What two humiliating fates does the Lord condemn Nineveh to in Nahum 1:14?
They (or their king) would have no descendants ('your name will no longer be perpetuated') and they would have no gods ('I will cut off idol and image')
What verse in Isaiah uses the Hebrew phrase 'har regel basar', the same phrase used in Nahum 1:15 (or 2:1 in the Hebrew Bible), meaning 'on the mountains the feet of him who bring good news'?
Isaiah 52:7
What verse in Romans quotes Isaiah 52:7/Nahum 1:15, using the phrase 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things'?
Romans 10:15
Who were the two main invaders (kings) of Nineveh?
Cyaxares the Mede and Nabopolasser the Babylonian
What passage in Ezekiel refers to Israel as a vine in a vineyard, a good cross references for Nahum 2:2, which speaks of Israel's 'vine branches (zemowrah);?
Ezekiel 19:10-14
What color, interestingly the favorite color of the Median and Babylonian armies, does Nahum 2:3 predict the mighty men/soldiers/warriors/valiant men will be dressed or clad in?
Red (scarlet)
What two tributaries of the Tigris river flowed through Nineveh?
The Khosr and the Tebiltu
What rages, races, or storms through the streets in Nahum 2:4?
What do the chariots in Nahum 2:4 resemble (gleam/seem/look like)?
What is the Hebrew word used in Nahum 2:6, meaning 'palace'?
How do the handmaids/female slaves (Heb: amah) react to the fall of Nineveh?
With moaning like the sound of doves (Nah 2:7)
What is the Hebrew word for doves, found in Nahum 2:7 (and Isaiah 60:8)?
How many times is the city Nineveh actually named in Nahum, and in which verses?
Twice. 1:1 and 2:8
What is cried/called/commanded in Nineveh 2:8?
'Stop, stop' (also: halt, halt; stand, stand)
What is plundered in Nineveh 2:9?
Silver and gold
What is the Hebrew word for silver (2:9)?
What is the Greek word for silver (2:9)?
Argyros (Rev 18:12)
What is the Hebrew word for gold (2:9)?
In what chapter of Isaiah is the Hebrew word zahab (gold, 2:9) used three times, as God comforts His people with descriptions of the future?
Isaiah 60
What is the Greek word for gold (Nah 2:9)?
Chrysos (Rev 18:12), chrysion (1 Peter 1:7)
What is the Hebrew word for treasure (Nah 2:9)?
What is the Hebrew word for wealth (Nah 2:9)?
What Hebrew word for wealth (NOT the same word used in Nahum 1:9) is used in Isaiah 60, Zephaniah 1, and Obadiah 1?
There are three Greek words for wealth/riches which are each used once in Revelation 18. What are they?
Dynamis, ploutos, timiotes
What melts in Nahum 2:10?
Hearts (leb)
What knocks/shakes/trembles in Nahum 2:10?
Knees (berek)
What is the Hebrew word for lion, used in Nahum 2:11-12?
What is the Greek word for lion?
Leon (Heb 11:33)
What chapter and verse in Hebrew, a good cross-reference to Nahum 2:11-12, uses the Greek word leon, referencing the miracles prophets performed by faith?
Hebrews 11:33
What will devour the young lions (kephiyr) in Nahum 2:13?
A sword (chereb)
What does Jesus have to say about the sword(Greek: machaira) in Matthew 26:52?
'All those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword'
What verse in Jonah uses the Hebrew word qowl, also used in Nahum 2:13?
Jonah 2:2 ('You heard my *voice*'; 'No longer will the voicevoice:2 ('You heard my *voice*'; 'No longer will the *voice* of your messengers be heard')
What is Nineveh full of in Nahum 3:1?
Lies (kachash) and pillage (pereq)
What two noises are heard in Nahum 3:2?
The noise (also: crack) of the whip (showt) and the noise of the rattling wheel (also: rumbling/rattling wheel)
What flashes/is bright in Nahum 3:3?
Swords (chereb)
What gleams or glitters in Nahum 3:3?
Spears (chaniyth)
What is the Hebrew word for dead bodies, found twice in Nahum 3:3?
Nahum 3:4 gives us the __________ for Nahum's destruction
What does Nineveh sell in Nahum 3:4?
Nations (gowy) and families (mishpachah)
How is Nineveh described in Nahum 3:4 (three answers)?
As a harlot (zanah; also 'prostitute'), a charming one (*chen towb*; also skipped or 'graceful and of deadly charms'), and a mistress of sorceries (*ba'alah kesheph*; also skipped/combined with chen towbba'alah keshephah*; also 'prostitute'), a charming one (*chen towb*; also skipped or 'graceful and of deadly charms'), and a mistress of sorceries (*ba'alah kesheph*; also skipped/combined with chen towb for 'graceful and of deadly charms')
What two things will God show to the nations in Nahum 3:5?
Nineveh's nakedness (ma'ar) and disgrace (qalown; or shame)
What action does the Lord of hosts declare he will perform in Nahum 3:5?
Lifting (galah) up Nineveh's skirts (shuwl) over 'her' face
What would Nineveh be set up as or made in Nahum 3:6?
A spectacle (ro'iy)
Would the nations sorrow at Nineveh's fall?
No (Nahum 3:7, 'Where will I seek comforters for you?')
What will the nations say when they see the spectacle (ro'iy) of Nineveh?
'Nineveh is devastated! Who will grieve for her?' (also: 'Nineveh is laid waste! Who will bemoan her?' or 'Wasted is Nineveh; who will grieve for her?'; you get the idea)
What is the Hebrew word for comforters in Nahum 3:7?
What city is Nineveh compared to in Nahum 3?
No-amon (Or Thebes)
Where was No-Amon located?
By the waters of the Nile (Nah 3:8)
What was No-Amon's rampart (cheyl) and wall (chowmah)?
The sea (yam)
What four places are named in Nahum 3:9?
Ethiopia, Egypt, Put, and Lubim
What locals memory passage details Asa's cry to God because of Zerah the Ethiopian's attack?
2 Chronicles 14:11
What natural element was found in Ethiopia?
Egypt is described as how in Nahum 3:9?
As without limits (or boundless; without limit)
What did Thebes become in Nahum 3:10?
An exile (gowlah; also 'carried away')
What did Thebes go into in Nahum 3:10?
Captivity (shebiy)
What was dashed to pieces in Nahum 3:10?
Thebes' small children (owlel; also 'infants')
What action is performed in Nahum 3:10 that is also performed in Jonah 1:7?
Casting lots (Nah 3:10 - 'They *cast lots*'; *yadad gowral*, Jon 1:7 - 'Let us cast lotsyadad gowralNah 3:10 - 'They *cast lots*'; *yadad gowral*, Jon 1:7 - 'Let us cast lots'; naphal gowral)
What/who are bound with fetters in Nahum 3:10?
Thebes' great men (gadowl)
What three things will Nineveh do in Nahum 3:11?
Be drunk (shakar; also 'drunken'), be hidden (alam; also 'go into hiding'), and search for refuge (baqash ma'owz; also 'seek refuge')
What is the Hebrew word for enemy used in Nahum 3:11?
What are Nineveh's fortifications (mibtsar; or strongholds, fortresses) compared to in Nahum 3:12?
Fig trees (te'en)
What are Nineveh's people/troops compared to in Nahum 3:13?
What are opened wide in Nahum 3:13?
The gates (sha'ar) of Nineveh's land
What consumes (akal) the gate bars (beriyach) in Nahum 3:13?
Fire (esh)
How many commands are given in Nahum 3:14?
What is the Hebrew word for siege used in Nahum 3:14?
What two commands are given in Nahum 3:15?
Multiply yourself (*kabad*; or 'make yourself many') like the creeping locust (*yekeq*; or 'locust'); Multiply yourself (kabadyekeqy yourself (*kabad*; or 'make yourself many') like the creeping locust (*yekeq*; or 'locust'); Multiply yourself (kabad; or 'make yourself many') like the swarming locust (arbeh; or 'grasshopper')
What two dire fates are promised for Nineveh in Nahum 3:15?
Fire will consume (akal, or devour) you and the sword will cut you down (karath, or 'cut you off')