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Sexually Transmitted Infections

...and Sexually Related Diseases
Painful, crater-like sores.
Primary-stage syphilis
Large, ulcer-like painless sores.
Secondary-stage syphilis
Itch-less, painless rash all over the body.
Late-stage syphilis
Large ulcers on skin and bones, and damage to heart and nervous system.
Puss-like discharge and/or burning during urination.
Pubic lice
Intense itching caused by grayish six-legged parasites.
AKA Yeast infection; thick, white, cheesy vaginal discharge and intense itching.
Loss of appetite, fatigue, slow recovery from colds, continual yeast infections, purple blotches on skin, pneumonia.
Venereal warts
AKA Human papillomavirus; cauliflower-like growths.
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Severe abdominal pain and fever.
Scaling skin caused by pearly mites.
Fluid-filled blisters.
Copious, foamy, yellow-green discharge and odor.
Molluscum contagiosum
Wart-like growths that look like small pimples filled with kernels of corn.
Thin, clear discharge and irritation of the urethra.
Jaundiced or yellow tinge of skin and eyes.
Inflammation of the bladder.
Hepatitis A
Spread by direct or indirect contact with contaminated feces.
Hepatitis B
Transmitted by infected blood or body fluids, with about 50% of cases contracted during sex.
Hepatitis C
Spread mainly by contaminated blood, but may possibly be spread by sexual intercourse.
Human papillomavirus; viruses that cause abnormal growths in epithelial cells. Over 100 types; some cause genital warts while others can lead to cervical cancer.
The cells the HIV infection kills, resulting in AIDS.
Primary HIV infection
The first few weeks of HIV, during which HIV reaches enormous levels in the blood and 50% to 75% of infected individuals experience flu-like symptoms.
AKA Pubic lice, feed on blood.
Small worms that live in the large intestine and are generally transmitted through nonsexual contact with the worms' eggs, but can be transmitted sexually by manual or oral contact with the anus of an infected person.
Dysentery caused by infestation of amoebae, one-celled organisms.
Types of vaginitis
Trichomoniasis, moniliasis, bacterial vaginosis.
Consequences of PID
Ectopic pregnancy and infertility.
STIs which women do not show signs at first
Gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HPV, and HIV.
STIs which men do not show signs at first
HPV, HIV, and trichomoniasis.
Most common STI in US
Most common bacterial STI in US
HPV (human papillomavirius).
Lymphogranuloma venerum: an STI common in tropical countries that is caused by Chlamydia. If left untreated, it causes swelling of the lymph nodes, penis, labia, and clitoris.