30 terms

AT test 2

An approach to conditioning that attempts to bring about peak performance while reducing injuries and overtraining is known as:
Which of the following best describes the type of training that should be done during preseason:
*Power phase
Increasing the strenuousness of exercise to a consistently higher level through maximum or near-maximum stimulation is an application of what principle?
Progressive resistive exercise is based on which of the following principles?
*Progression and overload
Which strength training method changes the length of the muscle while the contraction is performed at a constant velocity?
The ability of the body to undergo prolonged whole body activity or to resist stresses during prolonged activity is:
*Cardiorespiratory endurance
Stroke volume and heart rate determine the _____________ of the heart.
*Cardiac output
When a sprinter runs the 50 yard dash he/she is primarily using which type of muscle fiber?
*Fast twitch type IIb
The primary reason for the strength difference in males and females is: muscle bulk:
*Women have a higher percentage of body fat, which decreases the strength to body-weight ratio
A soccer player running ten 120 yd sprints in under 20 seconds each with a 1 minute walking recovery period between each sprint is an example of:
*Interval Training
Sugars and starches are examples of:
The most efficient source of energy is:
Glucose that is not needed immediately for energy is stored in the ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬____________ as .
*Muscle cells, glycogen
Fiber can protect the body against all of the following EXCEPT:
The vitamin essential for the building of cells and preventing night blindness is:
The pre-event meal should be:
*Eaten three hours before competition
A lack of this vitamin in ones diet can lead to scurvy.
*Vitamin C
Anorexia Athletica is characterized by all of the following signs EXCEPT:
*Self starvation
Electrolyte replacement is necessary in all cases EXCEPT:
*Just before exercise
A mineral that is most abundant in the body and is necessary for bone formation is:
Heat is eliminated by the body in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
Which of the following is the most effective means that the body has to dissipate heat, when the temperature and radiant heat of the environment are higher than the body temperature?
In warm weather, athletes seldom replace more than of lost water even though replacement fluids are taken as desired.
As body weight increases, the incidence of death by heatstroke also increases by a ratio of:
The purpose of a sling psychrometer is to measure:
*Relative humidity
A heat disorder caused by profuse sweating, diarrhea, persistent muscle cramps and dizziness with loss of coordination is:
*Exertional heat exhaustion
Absence of sweating with hot, flushed skin, sudden collapse, altered consciousness and seizures is indicative of:
*Exertional heat stroke
If you are out on the soccer practice field and you see lightning, what should you do?
*Stop activity and seek shelter
How may minutes before exposure to the sun should sunscreen be applied?
Sixty-five percent of the heat produced by the body is lost in cold weather by: