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  1. what is the conflict in eriksons 6th stage?
  2. examples of gonads
  3. what is the most successful way to combat bullying?
  4. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity moratorium?
  5. intimacy
  1. a a mutually satisfying close relationship with another
  2. b intimacy versus isolation
  3. c no-tolerence policies
  4. d low level of commitment, high level of exploration
  5. e testes and ovaries

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  1. social
  2. needs for independence and intimacy
  3. deciding who to be in making the transition to adulthood
  4. 2.8
  5. belief that parents are really not yours; switched at the hospital

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  1. what percent of teens surveyed believed that some students are "above" the rules?frontal cortex


  2. how does puberty progress?gradually


  3. what is not a recommended response to bullying?ignoring it


  4. what gender tends to be more relationally aggressive?girls


  5. second-order thinkingthinking about thoughts


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