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  1. what is the age group of young adulthood?
  2. what did erikson propose should happen during his 5th stage?
  3. timing of puberty in boys
  4. what do testes produce?
  5. what are 7 warning signs of suicide?
  1. a young people should take a moratorium to search for their identity
  2. b 18 to 40 years
  3. c 11.5-17
  4. d threats of suicide, preoccupation with death, changes in eating/sleeping, loss of interest in activities that were once important, changes in personality, feelings of helplessness, giving away possessions.
  5. e testosterone

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  1. late childhood and adolescence
  2. become emotionally connected to campus/school, find a student orientated faculty member, find/get to know an advisor they like, take advantage of work-study opportunities, find diverse group of friends, live in dorms, join an organization, participate in available social events.
  3. may not be developmental stages, may not be a single status for each person, identity formation does not end with emerging adulthood, foreclosure may not be bad.
  4. 20's
  5. belief that ones thoughts, feelings, and experiences are unique.

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  1. what do bullies show an increased risk for?depression/suicide


  2. what is the single biggest contributor to health problems?smoking


  3. identity diffusionperson is aimless, without any adult life path


  4. what program began in norway, and is now spreading across the united state?olewus program


  5. limited cohabitationbased on convenience. sharing of expenses and sex. no long-term commitment