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  1. why does stress matter in the timing of development?
  2. when does physical strength peak?
  3. hypothalamic hormone causes the pituitary to do what?
  4. 3 stress-related links that may lead to earlier pubertal timing
  5. discount delay task
  1. a secrete its hormones
  2. b rewards for waiting
  3. c in stressful environment, it is adaptive to separate from family and reproduce early
  4. d around 30
  5. e divorce, increased family conflict, father absence

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  1. those that are physically different
  2. ideal form of love in which the relationship involves all three facets
  3. deciding who to be in making the transition to adulthood
  4. muscle growth, gains in body size, sexual characteristics
  5. 5 or more drinks in a row

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  1. what happens when girls get more estrogen?breasts and uterus to mature, fat to accumulate, regulate menstrual cycle


  2. what four areas affect the choosing of a mate?external status, interests, needs, attitudes


  3. how many more times likely are boys to bully than girls?2 times


  4. adolescence is a period of contradiction in terms of whathealth


  5. what do bullies show an increased risk for?depression/suicide