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  1. how many in 4 teens have reported binge drinking in the last month?
  2. in other areas of their lives, bullies are often what?
  3. what is the timing of menarche based on?
  4. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity diffusion?
  5. what percent of teens surveyed believed that some students are "above" the rules?
  1. a noncompliant
  2. b 77%
  3. c 1
  4. d genetics, body fat and environment
  5. e low level of commitment, low level of exploration

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  1. measured amount of myelin, saw large increases in myelin during adolescence and beyond.
  2. 50%
  3. 2 times
  4. boys
  5. peers

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  1. how many times more likely is a child to have depression if there is a family history of it?440,000


  2. in asynchrony what grows first?uneven growth


  3. children with what type of BMI tend to reach puberty at an earlier agebecome emotionally connected to campus/school, find a student orientated faculty member, find/get to know an advisor they like, take advantage of work-study opportunities, find diverse group of friends, live in dorms, join an organization, participate in available social events.


  4. what are 2 common characteristics of defenders of bullying victims?they are similar/become more similar


  5. 3 stress-related links that may lead to earlier pubertal timingthe decline in age for achieving puberty in developed countries