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  1. how many in 4 teens have reported binge drinking in the last month?
  2. children with what type of BMI tend to reach puberty at an earlier age
  3. what is the newest type of bullying?
  4. in today's culture, dating has drastically decreased, and what has become a trend?
  5. the average age in 1830 in northern europe of when girls reached menarche
  1. a 1
  2. b 17
  3. c friends with benefits
  4. d cyberbullying
  5. e high BMI

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  1. dependability, emotional stability, kindness, understanding
  2. girls
  3. 4 years
  4. applying reason and evidence, identifying strengths and weaknesses of an argument, aware of multiple perspectives and truths
  5. self-understanding

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  1. how many more times likely are boys to bully than girls?2 times


  2. cerebellum is involved in coordinating what type of actions?motor actions and thoughts


  3. how does puberty progress?estrogen


  4. what % of people marry at least once in their lives?90%


  5. commitmentexclusive long-lasting relationship