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  1. mood disruption (depression) is more likely with the increase of what four factors?
  2. average age of girls reaching menarche today
  3. after how many years are newly weds out of the "danger zone"?
  4. medical rx for smoking ailments cost how much per year?
  5. which gender experiences depression most often?
  1. a low popularity, poor school performance, higher rates of family discord, family history
  2. b over 1 billion
  3. c girls
  4. d under 13
  5. e 4 years

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  1. popular
  2. finances, education, career, religion, and politics
  3. 25%
  4. high level of commitment, high level of exploration
  5. belief that everyone is watching their every action; very self-conscious

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  1. 5 problems associated with binge drinkingunwanted sex, unprotected sex, impaired school performance, risk of injury, alcoholism


  2. what percent of teens surveyed believed that some students are "above" the rules?peers


  3. what are the four areas that teens and young adults evaluate in order to establish an identity?goals/values, vocation, politics, religion, sex


  4. identitydeciding who to be in making the transition to adulthood


  5. what is the most emphasized characteristic of men in looking for a partner?physical attractiveness