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  1. without independence, how do we define ourselves?
  2. 3 stress-related links that may lead to earlier pubertal timing
  3. 40 hour work weeks usually turn into how many hours?
  4. in eriksons 6th stage, what must be balanced?
  5. what age group has the highest STD rate?
  1. a 49
  2. b only in terms of our partner
  3. c needs for independence and intimacy
  4. d adolescents
  5. e divorce, increased family conflict, father absence

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  1. body growth and sexual maturation
  2. adolescents misread the emotions on adults faces because they engage different brain regions.
  3. chores and dress style
  4. 2.8
  5. nothing, does not indicate a poor relationship.

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  1. growth spurtsudden increase in size and strength


  2. in some research, a peak in depression has been shown at what age?mid-adolescence


  3. when does piagets formal operational stage emerge?identity versus role confusion


  4. what % of students said they intercede when relational aggression is occurring?16%


  5. what four areas affect the choosing of a mate?external status, interests, needs, attitudes