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  1. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity diffusion?
  2. in college we revise what 2 areas?
  3. what three things do we see with the body during the mid-20's?
  4. what ages do boys usually start dating?
  5. circadian/biological clock shifting forward leads to tendency in what?
  1. a staying up later and sleeping in
  2. b attitudes and values
  3. c growth in muscle, increase in fat, weight gain
  4. d 14-15
  5. e low level of commitment, low level of exploration

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  1. enormous health benefits
  2. women: 20.3; men: 22.8
  3. breasts and uterus to mature, fat to accumulate, regulate menstrual cycle
  4. nothing, does not indicate a poor relationship.
  5. late childhood and adolescence

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  1. sowell and colleages 2003measured amount of myelin, saw large increases in myelin during adolescence and beyond.


  2. pubertythe set of biological processes that change the immature child into a sexually mature person


  3. how many deaths is smoking related to each year?440,000


  4. what type of programs help diminish bullying?programs that promote acceptance, inclusion, and empathy from others


  5. what do bullies show an increased risk for?verbal skills, quantitative skills, knowledge in subject areas, oral communication skills, written communication skills, problem-solving