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  1. adolescence is a period of contradiction in terms of what
  2. schulenberg et al
  3. with a greater emphasis on male stereotypes, what else is likely to increase?
  4. risk-taking study
  5. what tends to happen to friends during adolescence?
  1. a proved that once a binge drinker, not always a binge drinker
  2. b with friends, adolescents take more risks
  3. c health
  4. d likelihood to bully
  5. e they are similar/become more similar

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  1. exclusive long-lasting relationship
  2. 17
  3. young people should take a moratorium to search for their identity
  4. 2 times
  5. individual rights and human welfare

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  1. who "modified" Hall's storm and stress theory of adolescent development?arnett


  2. what is the role confusion that could take place during eriksons 5th stage?nothing, does not indicate a poor relationship.


  3. what 4 traits are emphasized amongst both genders in searching for a partner?they increase


  4. what gender is more likely to defend victims of bullying?girls


  5. what 4 things can help to increase marital satisfaction?they are similar/become more similar


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