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  1. the largest group of cohabitants are between what ages?
  2. what are the 7 impacts of bullying left on the victim?
  3. which gender experiences depression most often?
  4. what do peers encourage/promote during adolescence?
  5. what do ovaries produce?
  1. a girls
  2. b encourage socially positive behavior, promote shared deviance
  3. c 18 and 25
  4. d estrogen
  5. e physical and emotional pain, loss of property, loss of sense of self, lower academic achievement, increased depression/suicide, school refusal, anxiety

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  1. higher
  2. girls first getting their period
  3. standing up for ones self
  4. 5+ alcoholic drinks
  5. the nursing home

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  1. 3 factors that contribute to early puberty onsetgenetics, weight, nutrition


  2. consummate loverewards for waiting


  3. the rate of cohabitation is what?increasing


  4. gray matterareas of brain with many cell bodies/dendrites and little myelin


  5. what % of middle adolescents reported that students with the most influence intimidate/embarrass others all the time/frequentlypeers