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  1. limited cohabitation
  2. what is the role confusion that could take place during eriksons 5th stage?
  3. what happens when boys get more testosterone?
  4. identity foreclosure
  5. when does the adrenal gland start to work?
  1. a based on convenience. sharing of expenses and sex. no long-term commitment
  2. b muscle growth, gains in body size, sexual characteristics
  3. c identity acquisition without thought or active search
  4. d 6 to 8 years
  5. e failure in identity formation marked by a lack of adult path.

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  1. more prosocial, more empathetic
  2. rates; sequences
  3. belief that one is immune to common dangers
  4. cyberbullying
  5. identity versus role confusion

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  1. homogamydeciding who to be in making the transition to adulthood


  2. what 4 traits are emphasized amongst both genders in searching for a partner?good providers


  3. what 4 things does the formal operational stage get you?identity versus role confusion


  4. how many deaths is smoking related to each year?440,000


  5. what 2 things trigger puberty?adrenal gland and HPG axis