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  1. Es kommt darauf an, was Sie sehen wollen.
  2. Hören Sie gut zu!
  3. ist Ski gefahren
  4. Ski fahren (fährt Ski)
  5. böse ≠ gut
  1. a It depends on what you want to see.
  2. b Listen carefully.
  3. c evil ≠ good
  4. d to ski
  5. e to have skied

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  1. to knock (on)
  2. to be flabbergasted = to be stunned, to be at a loss of speech
  3. to ask for, request
  4. the Middle Ages
  5. took along

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  1. batto ask for, request


  2. sich freuen auf (acc.)to look forward to


  3. vor•habento plan, have in mind


  4. die Auskunftthe (streetcar or bus) lines


  5. Was gibt's Neues?to have asked for, have requested