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  1. Was gibt's Neues?
  2. bitten
  3. Wie komme ich dahin?
  4. Ich kenne mich hier nicht aus.
  5. verpassen
  1. a How do I get there?
  2. b to ask for, request
  3. c What's new?
  4. d to miss (an event, opportunity, train, etc.)
  5. e I don't know my way around here.

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  1. to be interested ≠ to be bored
  2. the counters, windows
  3. to be interested in
  4. to look forward to
  5. to have taken along

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  1. batasked for, requested


  2. warten auf (acc.)to wait for


  3. der Schalterthe help


  4. Hör mir zu.evil ≠ good


  5. die LinieCome in!


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