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  1. sich interessieren ≠ sich langweilen
  2. Ich kenne mich hier nicht aus.
  3. die Haltestellen
  4. böse (dat.)
  5. bat
  1. a the (streetcar or bus) stops
  2. b I don't know my way around here.
  3. c angry, mat (at); bad, evil
  4. d asked for, requested
  5. e to be interested ≠ to be bored

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  1. the information
  2. disorderly, messy
  3. direct(ly)
  4. to have asked for, have requested
  5. to have taken along

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  1. sich lohnento be worthwhile, worth the trouble


  2. von jetzt anto plan, have in mind


  3. die Schalterthe counters, windows


  4. das Mittelalterto have taken along


  5. Sei mir nicht böse.Don't be mad at me.