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  1. baff sein = sehr staunen, sprachlos sein
  2. die Haltestellen
  3. die Linien
  4. hinein•gehen
  5. Es kommt darauf an.
  1. a the (streetcar or bus) stops
  2. b the (streetcar or bus) lines
  3. c it depends.
  4. d to go in
  5. e to be flabbergasted = to be stunned, to be at a loss of speech

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  1. the streetcar
  2. to be interested in
  3. to look after, take care of; to deal with
  4. to look forward to
  5. Listen carefully.

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  1. böse (dat.)angry, mat (at); bad, evil


  2. batdirect(ly)


  3. die Haltestellethe (streetcar or bus) stop


  4. vor•habento miss (an event, opportunity, train, etc.)


  5. Herein!Come in!