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Spine Lesion X Spina Bifida

High cervical lesions (C1 - C4)
electric WC with tilt in space seating or reclining seat back. Microswitch or puff and sip controls. portable respirator may be attached.
Cervical Lesion with C5 - elbow flexion
manual WC with propulsion aid (hand control - hand rim projections) . Independent for short distances on smooth, flat surfaces.
Anti-tip tube (on posterior frame): prohibit WC from falling over backwards
Cervical Lesion with C6 - pronation, wrist extensors
Manual wheelchair with friction surface hand rims
Independent on sliding board tranfer
Cervical Lesion with C7 - triceps
Manual wheelchair with friction surface hand rims, independent, with increased propulsion
Patients with Hand function (C8 - T1) and below
manual wheelchair, standard hand rims
Midthoracic lesions (T6 - T9)
KAFOs and crutches.
Swing-to gait pattern, short distance).
May prefer standing devices/standing wheelchairs for physiological standing.
High lumbar lesions (T12 - L3)
KAFOs and crutches.
Can be independent in ambulation all surfaces and stairs. Swing through or four point gait pattern.
May use RGOs with walker with or without FES system. Independent household ambulators. Wheelchair use for community ambulation.
Low lumbar lesions (L4 - L5)
Independent with AFOs and crutches/cane.
Typically independent ambulators.
Spina Bifida- Thoracic
WC or RGO (Reciprocating gait orthose)
Spina Bifida - Upper lumbar (L1-L2) - hip FL
WC or RGO (Reciprocating gait orthose) - house
Spina Bifida - Mild lumbar (L3 - knee FL)
WC community
Spina Bifida - Lower Lumbar (L4-L5 - hip AB)
KAFO, AFO house, communinity
Spina Bifida - Lumbosacral (ankle plantiflex)
AFO/ none