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Roles of mitochondria...Lipofuscin...Helps to turnover drugs (2)P450 in s ER and peroxisome2 GlycoproteinsN-linked - glycan to left of Asn in rER O-linked - sugar to oxygen of Ser, Threonine, hydroxylysine, or hydroxyprolineThe most frequent cause of cystic fibrosis is the absence of phenylalanine 508 (∆F508 mutation) in the transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR). This mutation causes misfolding and degradation of the CFTR protein before it reaches the plasma membrane. Drugs that aim to correct misfolding must target what cellular organelle to treat CF?rough ERInclusion cell (I cell) disease is named for inclusions visible in cells from patients with this disease. The inclusions are lysosomes that accumulate to abnormally high levels. A common cause of I cell disease is a defect in synthesis of mannose-6-phosphate. Which of the following properties of a lysosomal hydrolase is impaired by such a defect?SortingCells that are held together tightly?EpitheliaThe structures that hold epithelium cells togetherDesmosome, tight junction, adherens junctionGap junctionTransfer between cellsHemidesmosome...Endothelium MesotheliumSimple squamous lining blood vessels body cavities3 types of skin stem cellsEpidermal, sebocyte, blugeWhich cartilage has perichondrium?Elastic, Hyaline (except articular)What type of collagen is in: Hyaline Elastic Fibrocartilage BonesII II I IWhat Hyaline cartilage doesn't have a perichondriumArticularAppositional growthSurface growth on cartilageInterstitial growthnew growth within the cartilageTwo types of bonesCompact and spongyWhat is needed to synthesis Type I cartilageCa, O2, Vita CTendondense regular CT