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Triglycerides have 3

Ester linkages

Triglycerides linkages are between

glycerol and fatty acids

A mostly saturated triglyceride

Is a solid at room temperature, known as a fat

A mostly unsaturated triglyceride

Is a liquid at room temperature, known as an oil


The process of saturating a triglyceride, turning an oil to a semi solid

Oxidize a Triglyceride

gives you its four components

Cis Bonds

Are what triglycerides are found in nature

Phosphoaclyglycerols lipids

Have 5 structural components

Phosphoaclyglycerols have

2 fatty acid bonds and a phosphoric acid attached to a amino alcohol


HO-C-C-N(CH3)3 Amine group that attaches to a phophoaclyglycerol


HO-C-C-N Amine group that attaches to a phophoaclyglycerol


HO-C-C(COH(O))-N Amine group that attaches to a phophoaclyglycerol


Found in cell membranes, chloline attached to the phosphoric acid on a phophoaclyglycerol

phosphoacylglycerols can be found in

the heart, liver, brain

The two fatty acid chains make up the

non polar part of the cell membrane


A sphigolipid that has a monosaccharide attached as the additional component (usually glucose or galactose)


A sphingolipid that has an oligiosaccharide, 2-7 sugar units, attached as the additional component


Another name for a cereboside or ganglioside


Lipids made up of 3 six membered rings and one 5 membered ring


most abundent steroid in the body, essential part of all cell membranes, building block for many horomones, needed for synthesis of Vitamin D and bile acids, liver makes about 1 gram a day


this lipoprotein carries the triacylglycerols from digestion


(Low Density Lipoprotein) Transports chloresterol from the liver to the cells


(High Density Lipoprotein) Transports chloresterol from the cells to the liver to be turned into bile and excreted

A decrease of the cells to take up

LDL causes chloresterol build ups

Too much LDL made in the

Liver causes chloresterol build ups


Characterized by increased desmosterol, decreased cholesterol, profound microcephaly, clubfoot/hand malformations, and submucous cleft palate

Bile Salts

chloresterol oxidation products

Good emulsifying agents

Bile Salts

Help Make lipids soluable

Bile Salts

Help in the digestion of fats

Bile Salts

Amino acid production increases

due to the horomone steroids that enter the nucleus of the cell

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