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lawrence v. texas

Held that a Texas law classifying consensual, adult homosexual intercourse violated the privacy and liberty of adults to engage in private intimate conduct under the 14th Amendment.

family educational rights and privacy act of 1974

A parent or student has the right to inspect student records. If it appears they contain inaccurate material, a hearing must be held within a reasonable time. An explanation can be inserted into the file by the student or parent. Second, permission must be secured from the parent or student before information in the file is released to others.

Problem 42.5

online they always ask for your private information, and when you create an account online you have to put in private information. And identify can occur when this happens.

roe v. wade

held that a state ban on all abortions was unconstitutional, forbade state control over abortions during first trimester but said states could limit abortions to protect the mother's in second trimester and said states could protect the fetus during the third trimester

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