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is a substance in food that helps with body processes


is a unit of energy produced by food and used by the body


is a nutrient that is needed for growth and to build, repair, and maintain body tissues

amino acids

are the building blocks that make up proteins


is a nutrient that is the main source of energy for the body


is the part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested


a water soluble or fat soluble is a nutrient that helps the body use carbs, proteins, and fat


is a nutrient that regulates many chemical reactions in the body

saturated fats- level of cholesterol in a person's blood (solid at room temperature). Unsaturated fats- liquid at room temperature

what is the difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat

serving size, calories listing, calories from fat

what can be found on a food label

complete proteins have all the essential amino acids.

what is the difference between complete and incomplete proteins


how many amino acids do we need to get everyday

weakness, dizzy, dry mouth, dry skin

what are some symptoms of dehydration

80 ounces

how much water do people lose daily through normal bodily functions

food group

is a category of foods that contain similar nutrients

food guide pyramid

is a guide that tells how many servings form each food group are recommended each day

dietary guidelines

are recommendations for diet choices among health Americans who are two years of age or more

saturated fat

is a type of fat from dairy products, solid vegetable fat, and meat and poultry


is a fat- like substance made by the body and is found in certain foods

30% or less

what percentage of the total calories you eat should come from fat

because you need the right amount of servings so that your body can get everything it needs

why should you limit your intake of fats, oils, and sweets

helps strengthened the heart and controls body fat

why do you think it is important to balance the food you eat with physical activity


is the rate at which food is converted into energy in body cells


is a nutrient that becomes electrically charged when in a solution such as bodily fluid

food-borne illness

is an illness caused by consuming foods or beverages that have been contaminated with pathogens


is a substance that is added to the diet to increase the total dietary intake

check dates, keep fridge between 35-45 F, always wash your hands before cooking

what can you do to protect yourself from food-borne illness

salmonellosis, botulism, E coli

what are three serious food-borne illnesses

because eating breakfast jump starts metabolism and burns calories. not eat breakfast causes a person to eat more

why is it important to not skip breakfast

check menu, ask if your food can be prepared healthful, look at number of servings

what are some healthful things you can do when ordering form a restaurant menu

grilled chicken choices, order small or junior sized burger, limit meat on pizza

fast-food choices

moves digestion along

what is fiber good for

water souable B and C

vitamins that dont build up in the body


what are some incomplete proteins


process that keeps stuff on the shelf


body needs




how does your body use carbs

water is moved thought the body. fat soluble stays in the body

water soluble/fat soluble


grapple (apple + grape)


use of heat to kill bacteria

radiation, packaging, and pressure cooking

3 other processes

manage stress, sight or smell of food, or when your bored

motivation to eat

understand why you eat, knowledge, follow guidelines

healthful eating habits

popcorn, peanut-buter, fruit

healthy snacks

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