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What was on the mind of Abraham Lincoln as he stood to give his inaugural address?

that he needs to find a way to bring the south back to the union without war

What did Confederate forces capture?

fort sumter

What is the significance of Fort Sumter? Initially, why did Lincoln need to send supplies?

It started the civil war, and he needed to send supplies because they were running short

What new states joined the Confederacy? What were they? How many in total? What was the new capital?

Tennessee, north carolina, Louisiana, Virginia. The new capitol was moved to Virginia

. How many Americans died?


After the initial volunteers stopped, why were bounties paid and how did that work?

they drafted people to fight

What is conscription? Was it ever a happy outcome?

its when citizens were drafted into the military and was never a happy outcome

Why was raising an army so difficult in the South? Why couldn't the South provide basic supplies?

because they didn't have many weaponry and ammunition after the blockade

Did the North or South have better transportation? Did the North or South have greater wealth and farms?

the north had better transportation and the north had greater wealth and farms

Who already had a monetary system, a functional army, navy and government? Who had to start all of these basic things from nothing?

the north already had everything and the south had to start from scratch

What were some advantages of the South?

they had the best military leaders

How did the blockade work? What was a blockade runner?

a blockade worked by ships blocking the ships from leaving and a blockade runner sails past the blockades in the fastest ships

Describe the "Anaconda Plan."

was to strangle the confederacy to where they couldn't defend themselves anymore.

What 2 strategies did Grant and Sherman use to end the war?

scorched earth and flanking

How did the Confederacy hope to keep ports open? What were raiders?

by blockade running/ raiders where northerners would raid the blockade runners.

How did the Confederates name battles?How did the Union name battles?

Confederates named them by the nearest cities and the union named them by nearest body of water

What was the Battle of Gettysburg?

it was where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address on the battlegrounds

Why was the Battle of Antietam important?

it was the first Union victory

What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Did it make any real differences when issued?

It set all slaves free in the confederacy/ and didn't do any changes until after the war

Describe what happened at Fort Pulaski. What technological invention made the difference?

it was when the north surrounded the fort and opened fired all around it for a couple of days.

Describe the Battle of Chickamauga.

It was the bloodiest battle of the Civil war and was won when the Union walked away from the battlegrounds and the confederacy took it over.

What happened on the way to Atlanta?

Sherman flanked every army all the way to Atlanta

What is flanking?

When you go around the enemy

After capturing Atlanta, the rail center of the South. what did Sherman do to it?

he tore up the tracks and burnt the bridges

Describe Sherman's March to the Sea.

destroyed and set fire on everything from Atlanta to Savannah

What did Sherman's march destroy?

houses, plantations, and military objectives.

What was Sherman's Christmas present to Lincoln?


What happened to Savannah's cotton?

it was all shipped to the North

What important outcome came from Sherman's march?

He burnt down everything that could benefit the confederates.

How and where did the Civil War end?

It ended in the Appomattox court house in Virginia

What were three things that Georgia had to deal with in the aftermath of the Civil War?

They had to rebuild their economy, had to get money to pay their war debts and had to rebuild all the ruins after the war.

What did Georgia look like right after the Civil War?

After the Civil War Georgia was burnt down to ashes, and had to start all over because there was nothing left after the war.

What was going on with the freedmen? Were their lives guaranteed to be easy now?

The freedmen had more rights and their lives were not easier

What was the purpose of the Freedmen's Bureau?

to help all freedmen and poor whites

What was Lincoln's plan for reconstruction? Why was it never put into effect?

Lincoln's plan for reconstruction was to give a pardon to anyone but the major civil war leaders

Describe the assassination of Abraham

The assassination of Lincoln is that John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head at the loudest moment in the Fords Theatre and swung down on the stage and ran out of Washington with a twisted ankle and a few weeks later was shot.

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