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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Alarming Statistics
-66% of adult Americans are overweight
-32% of adult Americans are obese
-17% of Adolescents are overweight
-19% of children are overweight
2nd highest preventable cause of death
-Smoking is #1
-Obesity is responsible for 400,000 deaths each year
-Linked to heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, and osteroarthritis
-BEST SOLUTION: Exercise and Diet modification
-Body Mass Index
-Percentage of body fat
-BMI weight is dependent on the person's height
What it all comes down to
"Calories in" versus "Calories Out
-You will gain weight if your "calories in" exceed the number of calories you need for your body's biochemistry to function properly
-Conversely, you will lose weight if you "calories in" are less than your "calories out"
Pros of Gastric Bypass
-Lose weight quickly
-May be needed if life is threatened by severe obesity
Cons of Gastric Bypass
-1.5% of patients die
-Risk of post-operative infection
-30% suffering from vitamin deficiency
-30% develop gallstones
-Staples can pull lose
-Hernia can form