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psych 5

which style is associated with strings of words that involve common interactions with adults
With regrad to language development, which is statement is false`
babies in Asian cultures babble before they coo
if i am speaking to you in japanese and you are not paying attention, what word might i use to get your attention
what is the most widely spread used test that attempts to measure the intelligence of infants
Bayley Scales
accorriding to your text, some researchers suspect that, among infants, which of the following might be a good predictor of later intelligence test scores
rates of habituation
which of the following is included in the bayley III scales of infants intelligence which was not included in earlier version
items that assess cognitive and language development
the fagan of infants intelligence measurea which of the following
habituation rates
which of the following observations would Dr. Lawrence Diller be likely to make response to the book the difficult child
parents and society are too quick to look to medical disorders and medical treatment in response to troublesome behavior in a child
what is the crisis of Erikson's first stage of psychosocial development
trust verus mistrust
in the Harlow monkey studies, with which "mother" did the infant monkeys spend the most time
the mother covered in terrycloth
which of the following suggests that humans need and seek to form relationships early in life as a matter of genetics
attachment theory
according to the text, which statement about adopted children is true
children who are adpoted by the age of 6 months, with no history of institutionaliztion of abuse, are generally indistingusihable from nonadopted children
when a child is in phase 2 of Bowlby's attachment sequence, which of the folloowing behaviors would most likely exhibit
the child would be less likely to beckon strangers
which of the following is a term applied to an infant's cry and protest at left with someone other than the primary caregivers?
separation anxiety
which of the following best exemplifes social referencing?
tom's father uses a light mood and a smile to transition tome from an angry state to a calmer one
which of the following statements about attachment is FALSE
once a child's attachment relationship is formed, it wil remain stable even over long periods of time
if a mother is chronically and severely depressed, which of the following would you NOT likely see in her child
over feeding
which of the following is LEAST likely to have an adverse effect on achild social and psychological wellness
living in a single parent household
what did researchers find in a cross-cultural studies of attachment
secure attachment id the most common pattern in the eight countries studied
which of the following is NOT one of the dimension prposed by researcher who study temperament
approach/positive emotionally is one aspect of which perspective of temperament
according to trait theory, what is the opposite of approach/positive emotionally (or socialbility)
which two neurontransmitters regulate the brian's response to new infomation and unusual situtation
dopamine/ serotonin