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Ch. 1: Biology: A Guide to the Natural World by David Krough


a branch of stidy concerned with the observation and classification of facts

Scientific Method

an orderly step by step method of problem solving

The 7 steps of the Scientific Method are:

-define the problem
-collect information about the problem
-form a hypothesis
-observe & collect data
-draw a conclusion
-report results

Levels of Development of living things:

-chemical: atoms & molecules
-cellular: cells
-tissue: group of cells working together
-organ: group of tissues working together
-organ system: group of organs working together
-complex organism: organ systems working together

Characteristics of living things:

-growth & development


the living material composed of complex chemical compounds that react with each other in a special way only in living things


ability to do work; life is in a state of constant chemical activity, a constant supply of energy is necessary to support that chemical energy


our surroundings

responsiveness / irritability

reaction to a stimulus


ability of an organism to adjust to the environment in order to live

growth & development

a series of changes from beginning to maturity


the sum total of all chemical activity essential to life


continuation of the species


the ability to maintain a balance by means of self-regulatory adjustments under constant changing conditions both internal and external

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