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all the features of a society's way of life

culture trait

activities and behaviors that people repeatedly practice

culture region

an area that has many shared culture traits

ethnic group

a population that shares the same cultural background


new ideas that are accepted into a culture


when a culture trait spreads into another culture region


when one culture changes a great deal through its meeting with another culture


the growing or taming of a plant or animal

subsistence agriculture

growing food on small farms mostly for one's own family

commercial agriculture

growing crops for sale


growth in the proportion of people living in towns and cities

culture hearths

regions of important new ideas and developments


a movement that stresses the strict following of basic traditional principles

totalitarian government

only a few people decide what is best for everyone

democratic government

everyone has a voice in deciding what is best for everyone


the desire for political independence of people who feel they are historically or culturally a separate group within a country; it is often associated with the belief that a particular nation is better than any other nation, and in this case is often used showing disapproval


taxes placed on imports and exports


limit on the amount of a particular good that can be imported


the overall change in circumstances accompanying a society's movement population and resources from farm production to manufacturing production and associated services


a fear of foreigners or things foreign

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