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Morbid (unhealthy) dread of high places


Fear of being in a large open space


The simultaneous existence of conflicting attitudes, as of love and hate toward the same object


Feeblemindedness; a mental disorder characterized by marked mental confusion, sometimes so severe as to approach stupor


A psychic disturbance marked by a period of depression followed by violent attempts to kill people...


One who is being psychoanalyzed


The collected data concerning a patient, his/her previous environment and experiences, including any abnormal sensations, moods, or acts observed by the patient or by others and the dates of their appearance and duration, as well as any results of treatment


Tranquilizing agents widely used in psychiatric disorders such as agitation, aggressive outburst, psychomotor overactivity, etc.; they are the same as antianxiety agents


Slowness of speech due to mental disorder


Slowness of mental reactions


The involuntary picking at the bedclothes seen in grave fevers and in conditions of great exhaustion


A morbid (abnormal) state in which there is a waxy rigidity of the limbs that may be placed in various positions, which will be maintained for a time



chorea insaniens

Chorea with symptoms of insanity chiefly seen in pregnant women


A psychopathologic interest in filth, especially in feces and in defecation


A temperament characterized by cyclic alternations of mood between elation and depression

cyclothymic personality

An individual manifesting mood swings from elation to depression

*dysboulia (dis boo-lE-uh)

Abnormal weakness or disturbance of the will


The spasmodic and involuntary imitation of the movements of another


Denoting any impulse, idea, or the like that is repugnant to and inconsistent with an individual's conception of himself/herself


Anesthesia produced by passing an electric current through the brain by electrodes placed on the temples


Obsessive belief of having committed an unpardonable offense

*flagellation (flaj-eh lA-shun)

Whipping or being whipped to achieve erotic pleasure

hebephrenic schizophrenia

Shallow inappropriate emotions, disorganized thinking, unpredictable childish behavior and mannerisms, indicative of gross personality disorganization


The distinct mental presentation (or picturing) of objects (or thoughts)

Korsakoff's psychosis

A chronic brain syndrome associated with a prolonged use of alcohol


In psychiatry, emotional instability; a tendency to show alternating states of gaiety and somberness


The willful, deliberate, and fraudulent feigning or exaggeration of the symptoms of illness or injury done for the purpose of a consciously desired end



*metaphrenia (met-uh frE-nE-uh)

The mental condition in which the interests are withdrawn from the family or group and directed to personal gain or aggrandizement

milieu therapy

The utilization of a modified and controlled environment in the treatment of mental disease

*mydriasis (mi drI-uh-sis)

Extreme or morbid (unhealthy) dilatation of the pupil; dilatation of the pupil as the effect of a drug


A neurosis characterized by chronic weakness, easy fatigability, and sometimes exhaustion


A form of delusion in which, to the patient, everything no longer exists


Ecstasy; transport, especially one of an erotic nature

*obnubilation (ob-noo bih-lA-shun)

A clouded state of the mind


Defective mental development


Relating to or marked by paresthesia


An insatiable craving for food, or an obsessive preoccupation with the subject of eating


Following a stroke or seizure, such as an acute epileptic attack


The measurement of intelligence; psychological testing


A drug that produces psychotic manifestations

*recidivism (rE sid-ih-vizm)

The relapse or recurrence of a disease

Rorschach test

A personality test that attempts to detect conscious or unconscious personality traits and conflicts by eliciting the individual's associations to a set of ink blots

obsessive rumination

The constant preoccupation with certain thoughts, with inability to dismiss them from the mind


A morbid (unhealthy) condition once believed to be due to the influence of the moon's rays


In psychiatry, the conversion of mental experiences or states into bodily symptoms


A hypnotic state in which the subject has the full possession of his/her senses but no subsequent recollection; sleep walking


A disturbance in the associative thought process in which the patient tends to digress readily from one topic under discussion to the other topics that arise in the course of associations

*workup work up

The lab, x-ray, or other procedures involved in the diagnostic study of a patient with regard to the symptoms or complaints

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