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  1. glossary of mental disorders
  2. qualified diagnosis
  3. carcinoma (Ca) IN SITU
  4. notes
  5. Classification of Industrial Accidents According to Agency
  1. a (previously found in Appendix B of ICD-9-CM) consisted of an alphabetic listing of terms and definitions based on those contained in ICD-9-CM and input from the American Psychiatric Association's Task Force on Nomenclature and Statistics
  2. b (found in Appendix D of ICD-9-CM) is based on employment injury statistics adopted by the Tenth International Conference of Labor Statisticians
  3. c a malignant tumor that is localized, circumscribed, encapsulated, and nonevasive (has not spread to deeper or adjacent tissues or organs)
  4. d a working diagnosis that is not yet proven or established
  5. e are contained in boxes to define terms, clarify index entries, and list choices for additional digits

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  1. a neoplasm is identified, but no further indication of the histology or nature of the tumor is reflected in the documented diagnosis. Assign a code from this column when the neoplasm was destroyed or removed and a tissue biopsy was performed and results are pending
  2. refers the code to an index entry that may provide additional information to assign the code
  3. contains three sections
    alphabetical index of diseases and injuries
    table of drugs and chemicals, and
    index to external causes of injury & poisoning (E codes)
  4. the first 28 days of life
  5. occur when the origin of the tumor involves two adjacent sites

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  1. poisoning...


  2. primary malignancythe original tumor site


  3. metastasizepertaining to death


  4. neoplasmrefers the code to an index entry that may provide additional information to assign the code


  5. secondary diagnosisthe tumor has metastasized (spread) to a secondary site, either adjacent to the primary site or to a remote region of the body