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  1. Tabular list (ICD-9-CM) coding conventions

    bold type




    code first underlying disease




    fourth and fith digits


    major topic heading

    not otherwise specified (NOS)




    use additional code

  2. mortality
  3. Tabular List (Volumne 1)
  4. Morphology of Neoplasm (M codes)
  5. Index to Procedures and Tabular List (Volume 3)
  1. a contains 17 chapters that classify diseases and injuries, two supplemental classifications, and five appendices
  2. b When 2 disorders are separated by the word "and," it is interpreted as "and/or" and indicates that either of the 2 disorders is associated with the code number.

    All category and subcategory codes and descriptions

    Enclose a series of terms, each of which modifies the statement located to the right of the brace.
    Encloses synonyms, alternate wording, or explanatory phrases

    printed in bold upper and lowercase type and are preceded by a three-digit code
  3. c pertaining to death
  4. d is included in the hospitaql version of commercial ICD-9-CM books. A combined alphabetical index and numerical listing of all inpatient procedures
  5. e Appendix A of ICd-9-CM; contains a reference to the World Health Organization publication entitled International Classification of Diseases for Oncology ICD-O

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  1. acknowledges patient responsibility for payent if Medicare denies the claim
  2. a neoplasm is identified, but no further indication of the histology or nature of the tumor is reflected in the documented diagnosis. Assign a code from this column when the neoplasm was destroyed or removed and a tissue biopsy was performed and results are pending
  3. ...
  4. (organizing entities, diseases, and other conditions according to etiology, anatomy, or severity)
  5. a procedure performed for definitive treatment rather than diagnostic purposes, or one performed to treat a complication, or one that is most closely related to the principal diagnosis

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  1. morphologypertaining to death


  2. preadmission testing (PAT)completed prior to an in-patient admission or outpatient surgery to facilitate the patient's treatment and reduce the length of stay


  3. V codesare located in the Tabular List and are assigned for patient encounters when a circumstance other than a disease or injury is present


  4. see also...


  5. Classification of Drugs by AHFS List(found in Appendix C of ICDM-9-CM) contains the American Hospital Formulary Services List number and its ICD-9-CM equivalent code number, organized in numerical order according to AHFS List number