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  1. Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)
  2. iatrogenic illness
  3. axis of classification
  4. adverse reaction, or adverse effect
  5. congenital anomany
  1. a disorders diagnosed in infants at birth
  2. b results from medical intervention (e.g. adverse reaction to contrast material injected prior to a scan)
  3. c acknowledges patient responsibility for payent if Medicare denies the claim
  4. d the appearance of a pathologic condition caused by ingestion of exposure to a chemical substance properly administered or taken
  5. e (organizing entities, diseases, and other conditions according to etiology, anatomy, or severity)

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  1. identifies codes to be assigned when information needed to assign a more specific code cannot be located in the ICD-9-CM coding book
  2. it is not possible to predict subsequent morphology or behavior from the submitted specimen. In order to assign a code fro the column, the pathology report must specifically indicate the "uncertain behavior" of the neoplasm
  3. the first 28 days of life
  4. occurs when the pathology report recommends that the surgeon perform a second excision to widen the margins of the original tumor site
  5. When 2 disorders are separated by the word "and," it is interpreted as "and/or" and indicates that either of the 2 disorders is associated with the code number.

    All category and subcategory codes and descriptions

    Enclose a series of terms, each of which modifies the statement located to the right of the brace.
    Encloses synonyms, alternate wording, or explanatory phrases

    printed in bold upper and lowercase type and are preceded by a three-digit code

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  1. lesion...


  2. notes...


  3. Tabular List (Volumne 1)contains 17 chapters that classify diseases and injuries, two supplemental classifications, and five appendices


  4. National Center for Health Statistics (NCS)acknowledges patient responsibility for payent if Medicare denies the claim


  5. Morphology of Neoplasm (M codes)(previously found in Appendix B of ICD-9-CM) consisted of an alphabetic listing of terms and definitions based on those contained in ICD-9-CM and input from the American Psychiatric Association's Task Force on Nomenclature and Statistics