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  1. neoplasm
  2. axis of classification
  3. Index to Disease ICD-9-CM(
    coding conventions,
    code in slanted brackets,
    essential modifier,
    main term
  4. nonessential modifier
  1. a (organizing entities, diseases, and other conditions according to etiology, anatomy, or severity)
  2. b new growths, tumors, in which cell reproduction is out of control
  3. c ...
  4. d subterms that are enclosed in parentheses following the main term. They clarify the code selection, but they do not have to be present in the provider's diagnostic statement

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  1. identifies codes to be assigned when information needed to assign a more specific code cannot be located in the ICD-9-CM coding book
  2. results from medical intervention (e.g. adverse reaction to contrast material injected prior to a scan)
  3. person treated in one of three settings, ambulatoryo surgery where the patient is released prior to a 24 hr. stay, health care providers office, hospital clinic, emergency department, outpatient department, same-day surgery unit (length of stay must be less than 23 hrs. 59 minutes and 59 seconds), and hospital observation where the patient's length of stay is 23 hrs, 59 min. and 59 seconds or less (unless documentation for additional observartion is medically justified)
  4. not cancerous
  5. occur when the origin of the tumor (primary site) involves two adjacent sites

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  1. metastaticindicate that a primary cancer has spread


  2. preadmission testing (PAT)occur as a result of an overdose, wrong substance administered or taken, or intoxication


  3. seeare contained in boxes to define terms, clarify index entries, and list choices for additional digits


  4. Morphology of Neoplasm (M codes)Appendix A of ICd-9-CM; contains a reference to the World Health Organization publication entitled International Classification of Diseases for Oncology ICD-O


  5. Index to Disease (Volume 2)contains 17 chapters that classify diseases and injuries, two supplemental classifications, and five appendices