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  1. primary malignancy
  2. Index to Procedures and Tabular List (ICD-9-CM), coding conventions
    code also any synchronous
    omit code
  3. lesion
  4. metastatic
  5. complication
  1. a the original tumor site
  2. b ...
  3. c any discontinuity of tissue (e.g. skin or organ) that may or may nnot be malignant.
  4. d a condition that develops after outpatient care has been provided (e.g. ruptured sutures after office surgery)
  5. e indicate that a primary cancer has spread

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  1. (organizing entities, diseases, and other conditions according to etiology, anatomy, or severity)
  2. a procedure performed for definitive treatment rather than diagnostic purposes, or one performed to treat a complication, or one that is most closely related to the principal diagnosis
  3. (found in Appendix D of ICD-9-CM) is based on employment injury statistics adopted by the Tenth International Conference of Labor Statisticians
  4. new growths, tumors, in which cell reproduction is out of control
  5. is included in the hospitaql version of commercial ICD-9-CM books. A combined alphabetical index and numerical listing of all inpatient procedures

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  1. adverse reaction, or adverse effectacknowledges patient responsibility for payent if Medicare denies the claim


  2. indexing...


  3. perinatal conditionrefers the coder directly to the Tabular List category (three-digit code) for code assignment


  4. sequetaelate effects of injury or illness


  5. metastasizesecondary malignancies are metastic and indicate that a primary cancer has spread to another part of the body