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Chapter 26 World War Two 8th Grade Social Studies Test Flashcards

What event actually started WWII? 758 (Give the date too!)

September 1,1939 Hitler sent his armie into Poland.

What caused France and Great Britain to declare war on Germany? 758

Hitler sent armies into Poland

What was the Maginot line? 759

A string of steel and concrete bunkers along the German border from Belgium to Switzerland

What did the Battle of Britain force Germany to abandon? 760

Air attacks over Bratain

What countries were members of the Axis Powers? 760 (list 3)


What nations were members of the Allied Powers? 759-760 (list 4)

Great Britain

What happened to the Soviet Union in 1941? 760

Attacked by Hitler in June of 1941

What country was the first to use the Lend-Lease Act? 761


Why and when did the US enter WWII? 762-763

Officially entered the war at 7:55 A.M. on Sunday December 7th, 1941. US entred the war because of the Land-Lease Act(allowed America to sell , lend or lease arms or other war supplies to any nation. Also the Japanease had a lot of aggression.

What was the worst defeat in the United States military history? 763

Pearl Harbor

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