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History Quiz 4 -Spring

Supporters of laissez-faire generally oppose subsidies and favor
Free trade
By the early 1900's Americans had transformed the United States into the world's leading
Industrial nation
who invented the telephone, which revolutionized both businesses and personal communication?
Alexander Graham Bell
What were equally as important as natural resources in the nation's rapid industrialization?
Human resources
The first leader of the American Federation of Labor, Samuel Gompers, believed that unions should stay out of
Workers who tried to organize a union or strike were often fired and placed on a list of troublemakers called the
Who claimed that after a worker's revolution, the government would seize all private property and create a socialist society where wealth was evenly divided?
The Marxists
What incident occurred in 1886 that badly hurt the Knights of Labor's reputation?
Haymarket Riot
Even before the invention of the automobile petroleum was in high demand because it could
Be turned into kerosene
During the early days of industrialization, many members of Congress believed that tariffs were necessary to
Help new American industries compete with large established European factories
Used information he received as a railroad owner to manipulate stock prices for gain
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Practiced insider trading with Jim Fisk
Jay Gould
Built a banking empire by buying up the competition through consolidation
John D. Rockefeller
Believed that the basic force corrupting capitalism is the struggle between owners and workers
Karl Marx
Poor immigrant who became a steel tycoon
Andrew Carnegie