Dative Verbs

22 terms by RHSGERMAN

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common German verbs that take a dative object.


to thank


to like


to belong to


to believe


to congratulate


to help


to fit, suit


to taste


to suit

egal sein

to be indifferent


to be sorry


to hurt

Es tut mir Leid.

I´m sorry

Der Kopf tut ihm weh

His head hurts.

Das ist mir egal.

I don´t care.

Kannst du mir helfen?

Can you help me?

Wie gefällt Ihnen das Auto?

How do you like the car?

Wir glauben euch.

We believe you.

Die Jacke passt ihr gut.

The jacket fits her well.

Ich gratuliere dir!


Das Buch gehört ihm.

The book belongs to him.

Ich danke dir.

I thank you.

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