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high saturated and trans fat intake

the main dietary factor associated with elevated blood cholesterol is

Carries the water-soluble nutrients

which of the following is not a function of fat in human body?

In chain length AND in degree of saturation

In which ways do Fatty acids may differ from one another

They must be supplied by the diet AND very little fat is needed in the diet to prevent a deficiency

characteristics of the essential fatty acids include

Found in oils of fish AND Omega 3 fatty acids

EPA and DHA are

which have the least saturated fat

the most heart healthy margarines are those

Three fatty acids AND glycerol

triglycerides consist of

it has the ability to lower blood cholesterol

which of the following statements concerning lecithin is NOT true?

They arise when polyunsaturated oils are hydrogenated

Which of the following statement about trans fatty acids is true?

Low in trans fats

which of the following is NOT characteristic of an atherogenic diet?

Skim milk

You are talking with someone who is trying to decrease his intake of saturated and trans fat. Which of the following items would you recommend as a coffee whitener?

Canola oil AND olive oil

Recent recommendation suggest that we consume monounsaturated fats in the place of saturated fat. Which of the following items would achieve this goal?

Choose one that lists liquid oil as the first ingredient

you are trying to teach someone how to select an appropriate margarine to protect against heart disease. Tell the person to:

Use olive oil in place of saturated fat AND use corn oil in place of veggie shortening

in an effort to lower LDL you would tell someone to:


a 76 yr old male has a family history of heart disease and he is physically inactive. How many risk factors for CVD does he have?

Palm oil

which of the following fats is the most saturated?

It is not related to heart disease

all of the following statements concerning cholesterol are true except:

High in complex carbs and fiber

Overall the Mediterranean diet is

Fat in your meal will contribute to satiety, the feeling of fullness after a meal

as you are deciding how much fat to include in your meal, which aspects of its contribution in foods would you want to consider?

Substitute olive oil for saturated and trans fat in spreads and sauces

the current advice on following a low-fat diet for heart disease is to:

Flax seeds

the best source of EPA and DHA in the diet is:

HDL are affected by the amount of cholesterol we eat in our diet

the lipoproteins LDL and HDL are important in heard disease risk bc of the following properties and actions

Reduce the intake of saturated and trans fat in your diet to lower LDL levels in the blood

which of the following would be the best dietary advice for someone who needs to lower their blood cholesterol levels?

Hydrogenation converts a unsaturated fat to a saturated fat

Which of the most accurate statement to make about the process of hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils?

Consume as little trans fat as possible bc of the harmful health effects that are similar to saturated fats.

Current recommendations for heart health are to reduce intake of trans fat in the diet. How would this be best accomplished?

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