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CH 10 Instrumentation, Equipment, and Supplies

knives, scalpels, and scissors are classified as
cutting instruments
the term knife is used interchangeable with the term
curved iris and potts-smith scissors are frequently used to dissect _______ tissue
strabismus and corneal scissors are most often used for ________ procedures
the most frequently used scissors for cutting sutures are the
straight mayo
lane, kern, lowman, and lewin are examples of
bone-holding clamps
clamping instruments are designed to
occlude tissue
instruments designed for the exposure of the operative site are called
instruments used to hold a curved suture needle for suturing are called
needle holders
yankauer and poole suction tips are commonly used for
aspiration of fluids
general abdominal procedures typicalled require a ________ set
sponges used for procedures requiring smaller incisions are called
the most commonly used scissors during a hysterectomy is a
straight hemostats are freqently used for
tagging suture
the bipolar cauter is used for
coagulating only
which blade goes on the #3 knife handle
#15, #11, #10
which suction tip is used to rapidly aspirate large amounts of fluid
poole suction tip
what is another name for tissue forceps
pick-ups and thumb forceps
what is an example of a ratcheted grasping/holding instrument
allis clamp
what feature on an angled suction tip prevents neural tissue from being damaged when fluids are aspirated
proximal thumbhole
an instrument that penetrates a body cavity for drainage of fluid is called a
scopes typically used for cystoscopy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy are called
the scope used for exploration of the biliary system is called
the scope used for visualization of the heart and major vessels is called an
the scope used for visualization of a fetus in utero is called a
what machine uses electric impulses to generate heat and is colled by air or fluid that flows through the power cord
piezoelectric unit
which of teh following isolate and protect the operative site from contaminants
drapes that have openings for exposure of the area to be incised are called
the type of surgical dressing that eliminates dead space and prevents edema or postoperative bleeding is called
which of the following is used for wounds that require frequent dressing changes
montgomery strap
which of the following is used to irrigate wounds, aspirate fluids, or inject medications
the ______ is an example of a suprapubic catheter
the chest tube collection unit must be maintained
below the level of the thoracic cavity
all are examples of passive drains except
a tru-cut needle is used
to obtain a biopsy
small, clear, plastic drapes with openings that are surrounded by an adhesive backing are called _______ drapes
neurosurgical spones are referred to as
tonsil sponges are assembled in packages of
collodion is an example of what type of dressing
placement of the tourniquet cuff is determined by the
video cameras and light cords should be sterilized using
peracetic acid
gas is infused into the abdominal cavity through a
veress needle
postoperative insturment handling involves all of the following steps except
a ____ bronchoscopy is preferred for retreival of a foreign body from a bronchus
____ for power instruments is supplied form a tank or piped in from outside to the surgery department
most modern surgical instruments are made of
stainless steel