Space Rocks-Chapter 8

Psalm 148:3
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long period cometcomets that can take thousands of years to make one orbit around the sunasteroida rock orbiting the sun in our solar systemWhat is the difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid?Size. Asteroids are large rocks (typically bigger than a football field), while meteoroids are small rocks.planetoidanother name for an asteroid. means "little planet"asteroid beltthe region of the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, where many asteroids are foundinner planetsMercury, Venus, Earth, Marsouter planetsJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NeptuneExploded Planet HypothesisThe idea that there was once a planet between Mars and Jupiter, the asteroid belt may be the remains of that planet.Where have many meteorites been found?AntarcticaFrom which planet did some of the meteorites come?Mars.Give some reasons why the Exploded Planet Hypothesis may be a correct hypothesis?Craters are found mostly on one side of many planets and moons; comets look like asteroids and could be pieces of this planet; Mars has the deepest craters and is the closest planet to the asteroid belt; many moons look like comets and asteroids.