20 terms

psych 6

environmental influences can alter brian structure just as brain structure can alter behavior
research correlates neurological differences with differences in temperament. what is a basic argurment againist the conclusions drawn from this data
parental behavior at age 4 predicted behavioral inhition at age 7
which of the following best summarizes the findings of the research conducted by Hou, Chen and Chen (2005) on parental influcence of temperament
21-24 months
at what age will a toddler show a sharp increase in self-awareness
at what age do self- concious emotions typically arise
white children from middle- class homes
which of the following groups of children is most likely to experience some negative effects from non-familial day care
according to your text, kindergarnters who had spent as few how many hours per week in nonparental care showed more aggressive behavior than their peers
what is the name of the stress hormone that has been linked to differences in behavior of children in day csre verus children reared exclusively at home
8-10 children
what is the suggested group size for infant in day care
from the real world in page 166 the optimal teacher/child ratio under age 2 is
2-3 inches
during the preschool years, parents can expect their children to gain how many inches in height each year
hold a pencil between thumb and forefinger in the proper position for writing
which of the following activities would a two-year old be LEAST able to do
46 months
at what age can the average child begin to draw differentiate figures
the corpus callosum
according to your text, early childhood is a period of optimum growth and maturation for which part of the brain
according to neuroscientists, what is the primary detminnant of which function will or will not be lateralized
reticular formation
which of the following brain structures regulates attention and concentration
maturation of the connection between the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex
infantile amnsia is most likely due to which of the following
appproximately what percentage of people world- wide are left handed
food aversions often develop during the preschool years
which of the following is true regarding nutrition during the early childhood years
allow the child appetite to guide to how much food he eats
what does your book suggest about children's eating habit
what percentage of children in the U.S. are at risk of being overweight by the time they start school