12 terms

Radiology Chapter 7

what provides support for the fragile film emulsion
what part of the film is light and xray sensitive
silver halide crystals
during ray exposure, crystals within the film emulsion become energized with?
latent image
what is the function of the lead foil in the xray packet
absorb backscatter radiation
what can not be found on the back of the film packet
film size
which film has the greatest sensitivity to radiation
f speed
A #4 intraoral film packet would most likely be used to expose a what?
Occlusal radiograph
what film would the dentist most likely prescribe for evaluation of a specific tooth and surrounding structures
intensifying screens will
reduce exposure time
what is considered to be a screen film
what type of film is used to copy a radiograph
duplicating film
xray films should be stored:
away from heat and humidity