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Douglas McArthur

in December of 1941, who commanded the Allied forces in the Philippines?

The plan to develop the atomic bomb

what was the manhattan project?


nation that as defeated at the battle of Midway after its plans of an attack were intercepted

Harry S. Truman

did not attend the Yalta Conference

Nazi leaders

defendants at the nuremberg trials


Roosevelt's vp

V-E Day

marked the end of the war in Europe


1st death camp liberated by allies


general that commanded operation overlord, allied invasion of europe


marked invasion of nazi europe

Operation Torch

code name for invasion of axis' northern africa

battle of the atlantic

used convoys, sonar, and radar to help allies win this battle

George Patton

general that led american troops who liberated paris from germany

Battle of the Bulge

initial success of german due to allies being caught off guard


fought inflation by freezing prices of most goods

Phil Randolph

organized march of washington (discrimination)

Douglas McArthur

"I Shall return"


american citizens who's parents emigrated from japan


worked as nurses, ambulance drivers, (all but combat)

Battle of Stalingrad

turning point in the war (allies began to win)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

dropped the Atom bomb on

Yalta Conference

consisted of three leaders (Churchill, Stalin, and Rosevelt) at the black sea resort... (Discussed germany's post war fate)

Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt

atenders to yalta conference

selective service

expanded draft toward armed forces needs


established fixed allotments of goods deemed essential for military use

G. Marshall

believed some duties could be done better by woman

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