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Physical Features, Climate and History of Africa

Largest desert in Africa.
Kalahari and Namib
What are the names for the other deserts in Africa?
Steppe climate that is shrinking while the Sahara is growing due to desertification.
the change of grasslands to desert due to overuse of land and overherding.
Mt. Kilimanjaro
highest peak in Africa.
Congo River
the largest river system in Sub-Sahara Africa.
tropical savanna and tropical rain forest
What are some other climates besides dry in Sub-Sahara Africa.
famous plain in Tanzania for safaris.
Gold and diamonds
Africa has many resources. These two can be found in South Africa
Nigeria has an abundance of......
Subsistence farming
In Africa, many farmers grow enough for there families.
cacao, bananas, sistal, coffee, tea, peanuts and cotton
What do plantation farmers in Africa grow?
nomadic herders
Many people in Africa search for water by moving place to place, this is called......
famine and poaching
What are some problems to animals (and people) living in this area?
Some countries like _________ have moved capitals inland to avoid overpopulation.
What is the largest and fast growing city in Sub-Sahara Africa?
Islam- East, Tribal religions, Roman Catholic-Madagascar, Christian-South
What are some religions in Africa?
Timbuktu(center of learning), Sudan, Lunda Empire, Ethiopia
What are some empires prior to European occupation in Sub-Saharan Africa?
President James Monroe sent freed slaves to the colony of _________.
natural resources
In 1800s and early 1900s, Europeans controlled almost all countries in Africa. They only took the ________ _______ from Africa.
___________ were set up and tribes who did not like each other were forced to live with each other.
Most of Africa gained their independence in the ___________.
civil wars
When Europeans left, ____ ___ broke out.
Hutus and Tutsis
What two ethnic groups fought in Rwanda?
a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against non-whites. From 1948-1994
Nelson Mandela
Due to int'l pressure the policy of apartheid ended in South Africa and they elected their first black president_________ ________.
civil war, famine and disease
In Africa many people are in poverty because of the lack of economy ans stable gov'ts. They also have experienced ______, _____ and ______.
In mostly the Southern portion of Africa, this disease has affected many Africans lives due to lack of education and medicine. What is this disease?
slave trade
Many tribes have traded other people from their rival tribes. What is this called?
Holland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and Belgium
What are some countries who participated in the imperialistic acts of the 1800s and early 1900s?
blood diamonds
________are diamonds mined in war zone countries, like Sierra Leone, Africa, and sold to finance weapons.
Great Rift Valley
4,000 mile long fault line, slices thru eastern part of the contentent Red sea to the zambezi river, series of mts. and valleys formed millions or yrs ago, ferile volcanic soil, hot springs, 2 of the worlds deepest lakes.
Ethiopian Highlands
rugged mountainous region that covers parts of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia.
Victoria falls
a waterfall in the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Lake Tanganyika
the longest lake in the world in central Africa between Tanzania and Congo.
Lake Victoria
the largest lake in Africa and the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world.
Lack of diversificaton in the economy.
Why is Africa very impoverished?
Limited Manufacturing, Civil War and Ethnic Violence, Extreme Poverty
What are the effects of European colonialism is Africa?