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  1. Strict liability
  2. Separation of powers
  3. Self-defense
  4. Pattern jury instructions
  5. Reversible error
  1. a The division of governmental power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
  2. b A set of standardized jury instructions.
  3. c An error made by the trial judge sufficiently serious to warrant reversing the trial court's decision.
  4. d Liability without a showing of fault.
  5. e The justified use of force to protect oneself or others.

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  1. The modern pretrial procedure by which one party gains information from the adverse party
  2. A trial ended by the judge because of a major problem, such as a prejudicial statement by one of the attorneys.
  3. A judgment that reverses the verdict of the jury when the verdict had no reasonable factual support or was contrary to law.
  4. A notice informing the defendant of the lawsuit and requiring the defendant to respond or risk losing the suit.
  5. In a complaint, one cause of action.

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  1. Legal clinicExamples of legal writing include case briefs, law office memoranda, and documents filed with the court.


  2. Fixed feeto perform


  3. Leading questionThe question that suggests the answer; generally, leading questions may not be asked during direct examination of a witness.


  4. Trial courtsCourts that determine whether lower courts have made errors of law.


  5. American Bar Association (ABA)A process whereby the prosecutor and the defendant's attorney agree for the defendant to plead guilty in exchange for the prosecutor's promise to charge him or her with a lesser offense, drop some additional charges, or request a lesser sentence.