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  1. Reprimand or censure
  2. Duress
  3. Prima facie case
  4. Execute
  5. 9th Circuit
  1. a Which circuit are we in within the appeals court?
  2. b A public or private statement that an attorney's conduct violated the code of ethics.
  3. c to perform
  4. d A defense requiring proof that force or a threat of force was used to cause a person to commit a criminal act.
  5. e What the prosecution or plaintiff must be able to prove in order for the case to go to the jury-that is, the elements of the prosecution's case or the plaintiff's cause of action.

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  1. Powers not stated in the Constitution but that are necessary for Congress to carry out other, expressly granted powers.
  2. The process after arrest that includes taking the defendant's personal information, giving the defendant an opportunity to read and sign a Miranda card, and allowing the defendant the opportunity to use a telephone.
  3. The status of being formally recognized by a nongovernmental organization for having met special criteria, such as fulfilling educational requirements and passing an exam, established by that organization.
  4. A defendant's plea meaning that the defendant neither admits nor denies the charges.
  5. The papers that begin a lawsuit-generally, the complaint and the answer.

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  1. Statuteto perform


  2. Punitive damagesMoney awarded to a plaintiff in cases of intentional torts in order to punish the defendant and serve as a warning to others.


  3. Nominal damagesA token sum awarded when liability has been found but monetary damages cannot be shown.


  4. ServiceThe delivery of a pleading or other paper in a lawsuit to the opposing party.


  5. RemandMonetary compensation, including compensatory, punitive, and nominal damages.