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  1. Trial courts
  2. Professional judgment
  3. Direct examination
  4. Clearly erroneous
  5. Suspension
  1. a A determination that an attorney may not practice law for a set period of time.
  2. b The questioning of your own witness.
  3. c Courts that determine the facts and apply the law to the facts.
  4. d Standard used by appellate courts when reviewing a trail court's findings of fact.
  5. e The educated ability to apply law to specific facts.

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  1. Money is awared to a plaintiff in payment for his or her actual losses.
  2. The status of being formally recognized by a nongovernmental organization for having met special criteria, such as fulfilling educational requirements and passing an exam, established by that organization.
  3. A request that the court prohibit the use of certain evidence at the trial.
  4. A national paralegal association.
  5. The justified use of force to protect oneself or others.

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  1. International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA) www.paralegal management.orgThe defense's request that the court find the prosecution failed to meet its burden and that it remove the case from the jury by finding the defendant not guilty.


  2. MistrialA request made to the court.


  3. ArraignmentA criminal proceeding at which the court informs the defendant of the charges being brought against him or her and the defendant enters a plea.


  4. PartnershipA business run by two or more persons as co-owners.


  5. 12(b)(6) motionA request that the court find the plaintiff has failed to state a valid claim and dismiss the complaint.