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  1. Bench trial
  2. Summary jury trials
  3. Verdict
  4. Dissenting opinion
  5. Actus rea
  1. a Bad act.
  2. b The opinion of a jury on a question of fact.
  3. c An opinion that disagrees with the majority's decision and its reasoning.
  4. d A nonbinding process in which attorneys for both sides present synopses of their cases to a jury, which renders an advisory opinion on the basis of these presentations.
  5. e A trial conducted without a jury.

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  1. When an appellate court overturns or negates the decision of a lower court.
  2. to perform
  3. Questions relating to the interpretation or application of the law.
  4. The standard of proof used in some civil trials. The evidence presented must be greater than a preponderance of the evidence but less than beyond a reasonable doubt.
  5. A warrant that allows the police to enter without announcing their presence in advance.

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  1. NoticeBeing informed of some act done or about to be done.


  2. DamagesMonetary compensation, including compensatory, punitive, and nominal damages.


  3. Probable causeNot susceptible to a precise definition; a belief based on specific facts that a crime has been or is about to be committed; more than reasonable suspicion.


  4. Intentional tortA tort committed by one who intends to do the act that creates the harm.


  5. Administrative lawAn activity that requires professional judgment, or the educated ability to relate law to a specific legal problem.