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  1. Deposition
  2. Motion to suppress
  3. Deponent
  4. Counterclaim
  5. Personal jurisdiction
  1. a A request that the court prohibit the use of certain evidence at the trial.
  2. b The pretrial oral questioning of a witness under oath.
  3. c The person who is being asked questions at a deposition.
  4. d The power of a court to force a person to appear before it.
  5. e A claim by the defendant against the plaintiff.

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  1. A court order requiring a person to appear to testify at a trial or deposition.
  2. Standard used by appellate courts when reviewing a trail court's findings of fact.
  3. Techniques for resolving conflicts that are alternatives to full-scale litigation. The two most common are arbitration and mediation.
  4. The principle that courts cannot decide abstract issues or render advisory opinions; rather, they are limited to deciding cases that involve litigants who are personally affected by the court's decision.
  5. The requirement that defendants be notified of their rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present prior to being questioned by the police.

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  1. Concurrent jurisdictionThe authority of a court to hear a case when it is initiated, as opposed to appellate jurisdiction.


  2. Limited liability partnership (LLP)A professional entity in which the owners share in the organization's profits but are not liable for the malpractice of their partners.


  3. Power of judicial reviewA court's power to review statutes to decide if they conform to the federal or a state constitution.


  4. NoticeBeing informed of some act done or about to be done.


  5. VerificationThe status of having received a certificate documenting that the person has successfully completed an educational program.