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  1. Comparative negligence
  2. Count
  3. Professional judgment
  4. Contingency fee
  5. Minimum contacts
  1. a Attorney compensation as a precentage of the amount recovered rather than a flat amount of money or an hourly fee.
  2. b In a complaint, one cause of action.
  3. c A method for measuring the relative negligence of the plaintiff and the defendant, with a commensurate sharing of the compensation for the injuries.
  4. d The educated ability to apply law to specific facts.
  5. e A constitutional fairness requirement that a defendant have at least a certain minimum level of contact with a state before the state courts can have jurisdiction over the defendant.

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  1. An opinion in which a majority of the court joins.
  2. A process whereby the prosecutor and the defendant's attorney agree for the defendant to plead guilty in exchange for the prosecutor's promise to charge him or her with a lesser offense, drop some additional charges, or request a lesser sentence.
  3. A law enacted by a state legislature or by Congress.
  4. A business run by two or more persons as co-owners.
  5. The delivery of a pleading or other paper in a lawsuit to the opposing party.

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  1. DiscoveryThe person who is being asked questions at a deposition.


  2. AffirmWhen a higher court agrees with what a lower court has done.


  3. Attorney-client privilegeAn opinion that agrees with the majority's result but disagrees with its reasoning.


  4. VerificationThe opinion of a jury on a question of fact.


  5. Legal ResearchThe process of finding the law.