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World Civilization: Church Revival and Reform

Lords show up and take over them. and appoint themselves abbots/wives
William the Pious
1) sets up abbey of Cluny
2) free of political influence
3) he set up "The Rule"--no simony and celibacy
Cistercian Order
1) liturgy-reading list to being a good person-live by simple
2) no feudal stuff
Papal Problems
1) multiple Popes @ same time
2) aristocratic families fight over office
3) crazy popes/naughty popes
4) popes not from families
Leo IX
decrees against violence, simony, and clerical marriage
Lateran Synod
College of Cardinals-priest/clergy from major church in rome
College of Cardinals
1) they get to select the pope
2) get to rule when there is no pope
Gregory VII
1)strong reformer
2)believes church should power over state
3) had probs with Lay investiture
Henry IV
1)Holy Roman Emperor
2) declares Gregory to be a bad person-and needs a new pope
Civil War in Germany
1) Nobles + Priest vs. Henry IV + his bishops
2) Lay investiture does not end