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Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales characters and descriptions


distinguished, noble, gentil, nice, dressed humbly


knight in training, curly locks, 20 yrs old, player


lots of equiptment, tavels alot, loyal, proper forester


fat, big forehead, independant, has a dog


looks more like a Lord, gray fur, fat, lazy, fish eyes, loves hunting


rich, Hubert, mery, godless, has women, too much money, creepy, popular


golden thumb, forking beard, colorful dress, dainty boots, actually in debt


very poor, student, love the Bible, loves learning, quiet


multicolored coat, wise, discreet, greedy, less busy than he seems to be


white beard, ruddy complextion, Santa, pleasure seeker, loves food...alot

The Guildsman

worthy, alderman, wealthy, want to be seen, want to move up in rankings


ulcer on his knee, good at what he does


tan, beard, ignored rules of conscience, stole things, well traveled


blood red clothes, good talker, love of gold, always prescribing things

Wife of Bath

gap in teeth, bold, love of travel, 5 husbands, like to laugh and chat, always 1st to alter for the wrong reason, extravagant dress


dressed humbly, poor man's pastor, generous, caring, smart, fair, good example, holy minded


Parson's brother, honest worker, perfect charity, loved God, good and hard worker


thumb of gold, fat, stout, red beard - sly, cunning, war on nose, not honest, good at stealing


nice, illiterate, frugal, good baragin hunter, knows how to rip people off


old, thin, closely shaven beard, horse named Scot, lean legs, rusty blade, bad-tempered, feared man, rich, good at ripping people off


call people to court, rosy face, boils everywhere, narrow eyes, black scabby brows, thin beard, children afraid of, drunk, nobel scoundrel, dishonest, blackmails people


pardon people from sins, sold relics, long yellow hair, bulging eyes, high voice, no beard, femanine, hypocrite, greedy, dishonest


big, bright eyes, merry hearted, striking

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