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officers need to be aware that incidents can turn criminal at any time, therefore always maintain
proper mind set, situational awareness, and officer safety.
section 843.06 and 901.18 of the Florida Statute
authorizes officers to command assistance from the public
In situations where the officer is unable to resolve the issue
refer the complainant to an appropriate resource by providing pamphlets, websites addresses, or other agency contact information
under no circumstances should an officer instruct the public to
assist in any way that violates the law, exceeds their knowledge or compromises safety
There are occasions when officer observes a situation that may require a well being check such as
newspaper or mail piled on the doorstep or very high grass or weeds in the yard.
dispatch should be able to identify or research if the resident have
a medical alarm service, has an emergency contact in DAVID, or a call history at the location
attempt to contact the subject of the well-being check to determine his or her status by first
knocking on the door, or calling him or her on the phone.
officers should park in
a tactically sound location while observing the area
types of alarm
burglary, robbery, panic, fire and medical
while patrolling an assigned area
officers often conduct checks on dwellings, buildings, or grounds.
officers can use equipment such as
flashlights, spotlights, and their radio to aid in conducting security checks.
maintain situational awareness while looking for suspicious indicators
be aware of unlocked doors, broken windows, damage security equipment, or barking dogs.
if officer observes suspicious circumstances
identify contact information for the owner of the dwelling, building or grounds.
in the event a property owner or representative is unavailable and there is no indication of crime
secure the premises and leave writing notice of law enforcement actions.
the type of alarm will dictate the officers
response and tactics
the location chosen depends on the situation, if inadvertently drive past the address
keep driving and stop further down the street or around the corner
the officer should use
investigative technics to identify the cause of alarm
false alarms can be cause by different factors like
weather conditions, power outages, unintentional activation, open doors or unknown cause.
if officer arrives at scene and determine suspects are present
developed a tactical plan to apprehend the suspect.
possible environmental hazards can include
hurricane, gas leak, spill on the roadway, water lift station malfunction, sink hole, flash flood, fire.
during environmental hazards
officers might need to evacuate residents quickly and professionally
officer should apply
situational awareness and officer safety when approaching the scene and assessing for any hazards that may be present
a noncustodial transport
is when an officer provides transportation to an individual that is not under arrest
always consider agency policies an procedures and resources available at the time of the request
for a noncustodial transport
evaluate the urgency of the need
when considering a non custodial transport
prior placing the person in the vehicle for a non custodial transport
verify the individuals identity and conduct a pat down for weapons, also ensure that the person's seat belt is secure and fastened. also notify dispatch of the person's identity the beginning and the ending of vehicle mileage, starting location, and the intended destination.
exotic animals
are animals that are not native of Florida.
when arriving on scene of animal complaints
identify any immediate threat and any injury to people requiring first aid.
before attempting to deliver a death notification
try to identify any language or cultural barriers.
a victim advocate, religious leader, or interpreter may proof very helpful
when notifying a family member or significant other of the death of a loved one.
recommendations when making a death notification
be certain the id of deceased, make clear statement that death have occur. allow time for venting, obtain medical help if needed, help notify significant others, make referrals for fallow up support services and describe the procedure for identifying the deceased.
special event security
may have a specific channel on the radio for communication
high concentration of people requires for
a traffic flow plan for people and vehicles
officers should be aware that the United States Constitution's First Amendment
allows people to peaceably assemble
officers also should be aware of Florida Statutes that apply to assemblies and groups
856.011 Disorderly intoxication
870.01 Affrays
870.02 Unlawful assemblies
870.03 Riots
877.03Breach of the space; disorderly conduct
during crowd control, determine if a situation needs special assistance such
supervisor's department, riot squat, swat, k9, mounted patrol, fire department, public information officer (PIO), or contacting the local event manager
though no hostile crowds are more passive
officer should never become complacent when dealing with large groups as things can quickly change. safety is officers main concern
an important part of dispersing crowds and resolving groups incidents is
to determine the leader or instigator
is a practical remedy in a form of a court order, which requires a person to do or refrain from doing a specific act
officers may be call to maintain the peace trough officers presence, while serving a judicial order or responding to a call for service this is referred as
a civil standby
civil standbys may ne conducted on situations such as
executing a writ of replevin, child custody exchange, or pretrial release order. typically civil standbys require no action by the officer, their presence is sufficient to keep the incident from escalating.
arrest warrant ( a legal order for an arrest issue by the clerk of the courts at the request of the state attorneys office)
pick up order
a court order to take a juvenile into custody
the nature of the court order
may provide information related to officer safety issues that are relevant to the execution of the arrest
Florida statute 901.16
relay the charges of the arrest warrant
on a arrest by court order officers must include
signature, date, time, on all copies of the court order
crisis intervention team
serving civil processes
officers must include a signature, date, and time of all copies of the civil process. confirm the delivery of the civil process and providing a copy to the respondent and returning documentation to the court trough the established channels. A failure to state the facts or include a signature will result on the invalidation of the service.
responding to a vehicle fire
officers need to be aware of capabilities and limitations of fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers could be use to gain access to a trapped victim
abandoned vehicle
Is a vehicle without a known driver or a person responsible for the vehicle.
when responding to an abandoned vehicle complaint
the initial concern is to identify public safety hazards which may include a bomb
the most common source if vehicle and owners information is
the license tag and the vin number ( vehicle identification number )
when approaching a abandoned vehicle use caution and approach in the same manner used to
conduct a traffic stop
uniform traffic citations
an officer may enforce parking laws and ordinance by issuing a
UTC uniform traffic citation
stop or stopping
when prohibited any halting even momentarily, of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with the direction of law enforcement officer or traffic control sign or signals
stand or standing
the halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of while actually engage in receiving or discharging passengers as may be permitted under this chapter
park or parking
the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose and while actually engage in loading and unloading merchandise or passengers as may be permitted by law under this chapter
anyone who parks in a designated handicapped space must have the proper permit
permit must be display by either a placard or an issued specialty license plate
Florida statute 713.78.7 requires officers to
conduct an inventory search of the vehicle and document all its content
a vehicle is considered impounded when
is towed at the direction of law enforcement
the authority to search the vehicles trunk is determine by
the purpose of the search
an inventory is conducted to protect the officer and the agency
from false claims of lost, stolen or damage property
officers may be called to direct traffic for many reasons
roadways construction, traffic crashes, special events, utility repairs, or broken traffic signals.
is the highest priority for an officer directing traffic
316.1301 Florida statute
states that whenever a pedestrian is crossing, or attempting to cross, a public street or highway, guided by a service animal or carrying a cane that is white or white with red tip, all drivers approaching the place where the blind or partially blind pedestrian is attempting to cross must stop