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lecture:2 What type of barrier is skin exfoliation?
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2 Which immunoglobulin is the most common/abundant within the body?IgG2 Which immunoglobulin is typically involved in allergic hypersensitivity reactions?IgE2 During a secondary exposure to a pathogen, which immunoglobulin is generally present in greatest amounts?IgG2 What is the healing process where injured tissues are replaced by fibrous tissue?repair2 Which wound/s heal by primary intention?Surgical incision, paper cut, 1st degree sun burn2 Which healing intention requires granulation tissue to be generated?secondary intention2 What is the healing process where injured tissues go through cell regeneration, where function is restored?resolution3 What is the most common form of immune deficiency?Secondary (acquired) immune deficiency3 If a person's body does not undergo clonal deletion or clonal anergy, what type of immune response occurs in the body?Autoimmunity3 What type of immune reaction is occurring when a person is rejecting an organ transplantAlloimmunity3 Which immunoglobulin/ antibody is responsible for Type I hypersensitivity reactions?IgE3 A person develops urticaria/hives and pruritus/itching after eating strawberries, what type reaction is ittype I3 Testing for a reaction to the TB skin test is eliciting what type of hypersensitivity reaction?Type3 What type of hypersensitivity response can involve tissue-specific reactions?Type II & IV3 What type of hypersensitivity response involves immune complex (antibody-antigen complex) reactions?Type III1 Blood Transfusion Reaction 2 Tissue transplant rejection 3 Anaphylactic reaction to food 4 TB skin testing 5 Asthma 6 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 7 Type I Diabetes 8 Contact dermatitis to nickel 9 Myasthenia Gravis 10 Grave's disease1 alloimmunity- type ii 2 alloimmunity- type iv 3 allergic reaction- type i 4 type iv reaction, but not a hypersensitivity 5 Allergic reaction- type i 6 autoimmune, type iii 7 autoimmune, type ii, type iv 8 allergic reaction, type iv 9 autoimmune, type ii 10 autoimmune, type ii4 Which CD4 T cell count is diagnostic of AIDS<200An individuak can have a diagnosis of AIDS if there is tThere is an HIV vaccine availablefalse5 Which type of cellular division has the potential for genetic mutations that can impact an individual's health?Mitosis5 which type of cellular division has the potential for mutations that can generate5 When do oppurtunities for genetic mutations most often occur?cell division5 what does it mean if an individual is 46 XYnormal chromosome, male genotype5 An individual has trisonomy 21. what type of genetic alteration occured?AneuploidyGenetic mutations will always cause a problemfalsewhat does it mean if an individual is 48 XXabnormal chromosome count, female genotype5 what does it mean if an individual is 48 XXXYabnormal sex chromosome count, male genotype5 in most autosomal dominant traits, which is considered a more common affected genotypeAa5 In autosomal recessive traits, which individual genotype is considered a carrier?Aa5 In autosomal recessive traits, you only need one altered genetic copy to have the affected phenotypefalse