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Birth of john winston Lennon

oct. 9, 1940

Birth of james paul McCartmey

june 18, 1942

Birth of Harrison

feb. 23, 1943

Birth of richard starkey Ringo

july 7, 1940

who did john live with early

aunt(taught him guitar and banjo, later killed in wreck) and uncle

original name

quarry men after quarry bank highschool, followed by beetles, long john and the silver beetles, then beatles

old beatle members

stu sutcliff(convinced to get famous hair cut, quit and died 1962) and pete best(formally fired)

when lennon dropped out for art school


jazz club where beatles played daytime for women

cavern club

first recording

my bonnie, feat.tony sheridan as singer named the beat bros

Brian Epstein

record store owner who would find requests, couldnt find beatles my bonnie, hunted them down, became first manager

Decca Records

Turned down beatles for deal, for bad studio performance

George Martin

head of Parlophone record(part of EMI which had Capitol in the US) signed beatles, 1cent per 45 sold, fires pete best

love me do + ps i love you

first record sept 1962 of the now beatles, minus ringo replaced be session drummer

please please me

first LP recorded sept and nov 1962, played on Thank your lucky stars and BBC saturday club

when the played for queen and start of beatlemania


when george martin got Capitol to say yes and released I wanna hold your hand, beatles played carnegie hall and surrounded by fans


third beatles hit

from me to you

fourth beatles hit

she loves you

played on ed sullivan when

feb 1946

hard days night

first movie

when 60% of record sold were beatles and week where all 5 top five songs were beatles

april 14, 1964

when GH and JL introduced to LSD and beatles awarded membership of the most excellent order


early beatles 1960 -1965

please please me(love me do, twist and shout), with the beatles(), hard days night(), beatles for sale()

middle era beatles 1965-1967

help(yesturday), rubber soul(norwegian wood, michelle, nowhere man), yesturday and today{controversial album cover}(nowhere man, im only sleeping, yesturday, and your bird can sing), revolver(love you too,got to get into my life, tomorrow never knows, elenor rigby, yellow sub), penny lane and strawberry fields

late beatles 1967-1970

sgt. peppers(), white album(why dont we do it in the road, blackbird, happiness is a warm gun,blackbird, revolution 9),abbey road(come together, here comes the sun, something, i want you, the end), get back/let it be

fifth beatles hit

i wanna hold your hand, released by capitol in 1964

when beatles started pills and lsd, weed being regular


shea stadium play

1965 on 3rd us tour

when 2 track became 4




please please me

(love me do, twist and shout)

rubber soul

(norwegian wood, michelle, nowhere man)

yesturday and today{controversial album cover}

(nowhere man, im only sleeping, yesturday, and your bird can sing)

penny lane

where the quarry men began

when JL meets yoko

nov 1966

brian epstein commits suicide


when beatles meet maharishi

august 1967

sgt. peppers

released june 1967 intro to billy sheers, theme and reprise, special stuff, concept album

song played via satellite

all you need is love

magical mystery tour

idea flop,album (fool on a hill, i am the walrus)

when beatles announced giving up drugs


first album on Apple Records

white album

first single on Apple Records

hey jude, 4 min fade out

paul marries


john marries

first cynthia, then yoko

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