CGSC376: Exam #1

Principle of quantity
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Unpacking communication• Players - sender and receiver • Processes o Formulate o Transmit in chosen modality (sign, gesture, speak, write, other) o Receive o ComprehendPurpose of Communicationo Request, reject, comment o Regulate, interact, personalize, heuristic (inquire), imagine, and informFeedback (linguistic)words about someone's wordsFeedback (non (extra) linguistic)eye contact, facial expression, posture, proximity, timing, etc.Feedback (paralinguistic/ suprasegmentals of pitch, loudness, phrasing, etc.)How to get a "10" : • Quantity - not too much, not too little; just right • Quality - accurate/ truthful • Relevant - stay on track • MannerlyNon-vocal communication• "Space and Time" o proxemics - distance between 2 people o chronemics - use of time to communicate o tactiles - use of touch to communicate (ex) touching someone's arm to get their attentionLanguage - a means of communication• Socially shared • Coded/symbolic/arbitrary • Rule-governed/follows conventions • Representational