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Form S.S.A.-721 (Social Security Administration)

Statement of Death By Funeral Director.

Form S.S.A.-8 (Social Security Administration)

Application For Lump Sum Death Death Benefit (Claimant Form). Two forms must be completed: S.S.A-721 (Statement of Death by Funeral Director) and S.S.A.-8 (called "Claimant's Form")

Form 21-530 (Veterans Administration)

Application for Veteran's Burial Allowance (Plot - internment allowance contain there-in.

Form 90-2008 (Veterans Administration)

Application for United States Flag for Burial purposes.

Form 40-1330 (Veterans Administration)

Application for Headstone or Marker (apply to U.S. Army Affairs Agency or through V.A. Cemetery).

DD-214 (Military)

Discharge Papers.

DD-1375 (Veterans Administration)

Request for payment of Funeral and/or Interment Expenses.

Forms Required by the Federal Trade Commission

1. General Price List (G.P.L.), 2. Casket Price List, 3. Outer Burial Container List (with required disclaimer), 4. Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected (required with disclaimer)

Federal Insurance Contribution Act (F.I.C.A.)

of 1935 was the beginning of the Social Security Administration.

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