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Micro Ch 3 Quiz

Which of the following is NOT equal to 1 m?
a) 10 um
b) 10 um

c) 10 dm (decimeter)

d) 100 mm

e) 0.001 km
e) 0.001 km
What structure does light pass through after leaving the condenser in a compound light microscope?
c) Specimen
Which of the following pairs is mismatched?
a) Gram-negative bacteria ---- negative stain
Place the steps of the Gram stain in the correct order:
1- Alcohol-acetone; 2-Crystal violet; 3-Safranin;
c) 2-4-1-3
Which of the following pairs is mismatched?
c) Safranin ---- acid dye

* Safranin is a basic dye.
The counterstain in the acid-fast stain is
a) A basic dye.
The purpose of a mordant in the Gram stain is
d) To prevent the crystal violet from leaving the cells.
Place the following steps in the correct sequence:
1-Staining; 2-Making a smear; 3-Fixing.
c) 2-3-1
The best use of a negative stain is
e) A and B

a) To determine cell size.
b) To determine cell shape.
Simple staining is often necessary to improve contrast in this microscope.
a) Compound light microscope
Which microscope is used to see internal structures of cells in a natural state?
b) Phase-contrast microscope
Which of the following microscopes uses visible light?
b) DIC
Which microscope achieves the highest magnification and greatest resolution?
e) Electron microscope
In this microscope, the observer does NOT look at an image through a lens.
e) Electron microscope
This microscope produces an image of a light cell agianst a dark background; internal structures are NOT visible.
c) Darkfield microscope
Which of the following is NOT correct?
e) 1 nm = 10 um
The counterstain in the Gram stain is
c) A basic dye.