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bone fractures


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closed fracture
a broken bone with no open wound
open fracture
A broken bone with a break in the skin
compound fracture
open fracture is aka
nondisplaced fracture
bone fracture where the fractured ends retain their normal alignment
colle's fracture
distal end of the radius bone is broken by falling onto an outstreched hand.
comminuted fracture
bone is splintered or crushed into several pieces
compression fracture
bone is broken by pressure from another bone; often in vertebrae
depressed fracture
This type of skull fracture where bone fragments press into the intracranial cavity
greenstick fracture
an incomplete break of a bone; most often seen in children;, one side of the bone is fractured, the other side is bent
hairline fracture
stress fracture; very thin break; bone retain same shape
oblique fracture
bone is broken at an angle across the bone
spiral fracture
a fracture in which the bone has been twisted apart
transverse fracture
break is perpendicular to the long axis of the bone