Book Thief Vocab

97 terms by omglookbehindyou

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Amiable (adj)


Affable (adj)

friendly; approachable

Genial (adj)

friendly; cheerful

Allude (v)

to hint at

Abhorrent (adj)

feeling extreme repugnance

Versatile (adj)


Trepidation (n)

the feeling of fear or angst of something in the future

Grapple (v)

to struggle


suggesting images of the past (remembering)

Septic (adj)

infected with bacteria

Innocuous (adj)

not offensive or harmful


a level of rank in an organization



Hiatus (n)

a pause or gap in a series

Prolific (adj)

plentiful in offspring (usually with fruit)

Castigate (v)



scold or criticize

Lechery (n)

Offensive and excessive lustfulness

Derision (n)



a man who hates women

Audacious (adj)

bold and courageous

Nefarious (adj)

wicked or criminal

Lacerated (adj)

deeply cut or torn


a person who influences or inspires people


engage in lively festivities

Seethe (v)

bubble up as a result of being boiled

Flippant (adj)

Not showing a serious or respectful attitude

Crux (n)

most important point or decision

Overzealous (adj)

excessively eager

serenity (n)

state of being calm or peaceful

foreboding (adj)

fearful apprehension


the point where a plan or something is realized



admonish (v)

to warn or criticize

kinetic (adj)

relating to motion

creed (n)

a system of religious beliefs



jocular (adj)


precarious (adj)


Irrefutable (adj)

impossible to deny or disprove

oblivious (adj)

unaware; clueless

Benign (adj)



in low spirits

Innate (adj)

natural, inborn


parts that make a whole

malignant (adj)

very infectious

dubious (adj)

hesitating or doubting


the act of treating someone badly because of race or religious beliefs

morose (adj)

gloomy, ill tempered

Capitulate (v)

cease to resist an enemy

Tirade (n)

a long angry speech of criticism

Wrath (n)

extreme anger


to put an end to; suppress

Dormant (adj)

not active

imperative (adj)

of vital importance

notorious (adj)

famous for bad qualities

Demeanor (n)

outward behavior

Caustic (adj)

sarcastic manner

decimated (v)

killed or destroyed

Dour (adj)

relentlessly severe

Frugal (adj)

sparing (with regard to food or money)

Malice (n)

intention of evil

vociferous (adj)

Loud, insistent

Plethora (n)

an excess

dissipated (v)

dispersed or scattered

Debilitate (V)

to make someone weak, infirm

Delinquent (adj)

A criminal usually of a young age who commits many minor crimes

fumigate (v)

apply fumes of chemicals to a certain area ( usually to disinfect)

deviant (n)

A misfit or weirdo

Helm (n)

The state of being in charge

Descecrate (v)

To violate something sacred

Repugnant (adj)

very distasteful; disgusting horrible offensive

epitome (n)

a person or thing that is the perfect example for a certain quality

Idyllic (adj)

peaceful and heavenly

Mire (n)

a stretch of swampy or boggy ground

Paradox (n)

Self contradictory like an oxymoron


unwilling or unable to believe something

audacity (n)

willingness to take bold risks

Auschwitz (n)

a Nazi concentration camp in World War II

Awry (adv)


desolate (adj)

in state of bleak and dismal emptiness

Reprieve (v)

cancel or postpone punishment

confiscate (v)

to take or seize with authority

anvil (n)

a heavy steel block

Stoic (n)

a person who can endure hardships without showing much emotion

demise (n)


hapless (adj)


apparition (n)

a ghost or a ghost-like image


clear someone of blame or suspicion

perilous (adj)

full of danger or risk

oblivion (n)

the state of being unaware

metronome (n)

a device used by musicians that counts beats with a tick


beg desperately to do something

detriment (n)

the state of being harmed or damaged

apocalyptic (adj)

describing the complete destruction of the world


sharp or severe reproof


unnecessary and unwarranted

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