AP Euro 14, 15

The Fashoda Crisis
demonstrated that relatively insignificant colonial disputes could bring the great powers to the threshold of general war
Which British PM was responsible for making the first attempt at Irish Home rule and caused the collapse of his Prime Ministry?
The "sick man of Europe", which British and French foreign policy sought to preserve in the 19th century, was
the Ottoman Empire
Which of the following African colonies belongs to, and is important to, France's development of their North African Empire west of Egypt?
Which of the following was NOT part of the Kulturkampf program in Germany?
Catholic marriages were annulled
The issue addressed in Rudyard Kipling's poem "White Man's Burden" is
Eduard Bernstein and the Revisionist Marxist movement
felt that capitalism might be gradually transformed in the workers' interest so that class conflict might not be inevitable after all
This Russian anarchist felt that the state should be attacked and abolished, and this belief brought him into conflict with Marx's philosophy. Marx was able to have this man driven out of the 1st International. Who was this man?
Michael Bakunin
The Berlin Conference of 1884
established the principle that an imperial claim had to be supported by occupation and notification to the European powers
The Dreyfus Affair, an incident in French history, involved the issue of
anti-Semitism in France and its spread to the rest of Europe
What caused the death of the International Working Men's Association, commonly known as the 1st International?
the rise of the Paris Commune and its bloody civil war against the legitimately elected French National Assembly
The differences between a "colony" and a "protectorate" was that
colonies were directly ruled by white men; protectorates were ruled by their own native leader (bey, raj, prince) but that native leader was directed by white men giving behind-the-scenes instruction
"Dreams are the key to understanding the unconscious mind" is associated with the work of "Interpretation of Dreams" written by
Sigmund Freud
Which European nation failed to establish an African colony when its expeditionary force was overwhelmingly defeated by a native force at Adowa, Ethiopia in 1896?
Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist Movement, argued that because of the increased anti-Semitism in Europe, it would be necessary for Jews to
create a homeland of their own in Palestine
This work by Charles Darwin applies his theory of evolution to human development. Which of the following is that work?
Descent of Man
"Workers' unions might themselves become the supreme authoritative institutions of society, replacing property, the market economy, and government itself. This will happen when a stupendous strike of workers of all industries paralyzes society, forcing the acceptance of the will of the workers." This concept by Georges Sorel is known as
What leader of what nation took no territorial acquisitions for his nations during the 1878 Berlin Congress, and as a result called himself the "honest broker" with no interest except in European peace?
Bismarck of Germany
Which of the following is found in "Rerum Novarum"
since much that is found in socialism is Christian in principle, Catholic workers should form their own labor units under Catholic auspices and form their own Catholic socialist political parties, creating Catholic Socialism
What is the concept of "transformismo" and
the practice in Italy of politicians switching back and forth among political parties?
The Russo-Japansesse War of 1905 had many long-term implications for the world. Which of the following list is NOT one of the long term consequences discussed in your text?
The failure of the Russian army and navy to defeat the Japanese makes the rest of Europe realize Russia will not be part of the balance-of-power and military/war equations necessary to keep Germany and Austria in check in Central Europe
The secret society in China known as the Order of Literary Patriotic Harmonious Fists led a rebellion in China known as the "Boxer Rebellion". Who or what were the"Boxers" rebelling against?
the "infestation" of foreigners of all races in China and against fellow Chinese who were now Christian because of that foreign influence
The Boer War was a British war fought in the southern part of Africa. Who were the "Boers"?
The Boers were Dutch; the Dutch had been the first Europeans to southern Africa, and as the English came in the 1700's, they were pushed out to southern African lands the English didn't want in the 1700s, but wanted in the 1800s
Which European nation and leader maintained Emperor Maximilian in Mexico?
France's Napoleon III
The Brussels Conference in 1889 was the second international conference held to discuss colonial issues in Africa. Four of the following were decisions reached by the international conference. Which of the following was NOT of the results of the conference?
ban the missionary efforts of all Christian religions to prevent loss of native religions
When discussing the"inner zone" and "outer zones" of European civilization, which of the following would be the expected economic activity of the "outer zone" in Europe?
agriculture; providing the "inner zone" of Europe with grain, livestock, wood, or lumber
"The idea was to create a large self-sufficient trading unit, embracing various climates and types of resources, protected if necessary from outside competition by tariffs, guaranteeing a market for all its members and wealth and prosperity for the home country." This above describes a phase of imperialism. What is the name of this phase of imperialism?
Under whose Prime Ministership did David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer, give Britain its first ever progressive income tax as a way to pay for the massive social welfare program?
Herbert Asquith
Which of the following is accurate for the Parliament Act of 1911?
Deprives House of Lords from all veto powers in money matters; restricts House of Lords veto to now be a 2-year delaying veto on all other legislation
"Anything unknowable to science must remain unknowable forever, it is the acknowledgement of ignorance" is the basic idea behind Herbert Spencer and Ernst Haeckel's doctrine of
"Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism" was written by
Vladimir Ilych Lenin
Which of the following would a Fabian Socialist movement likely approve?
Government-owned waterworks or electrical utilities
The Second Reform Bill in 1867, which doubled the electorate of Britain and was given the nickname "leap in the dark" by a skeptic, was passed and achieved with the help of which of the following?
Which European nation was the most heavily invested in Russia, keeping the czardom going and functioning?
Which of the following is the basic characteristic of the "new model" union establishing itself in Britain in the 1850s and beyond?
the union took itself out of politics and instead concentrated on advancing the interests of the various trades represented in the union
Which European nation's leader was the first to develop a colony in sub-Saharan Africa, setting off the "scramble for Africa"?
Leopold II of Belgium
The new imperialism of the mid to late 1800s was more a thorough imperialism than the 1400s-1700s imperialism. In the characteristic way that illustrates this more thorough move into the colony by a mother country?
the mother country sent into the colony a large number of single, white men for the purpose of these men marry into native families and thus "whitening" the culture of the native populations
The Treaty of Nanking (1842) ended a conflict between Britain and China which had its origin in
opium shipped into China from British India
"No culture or society was "better" than any other, all being adaptations to an environment or merely a matter of custom - the mores of a people" is the basic definition of which concept?
Cultural Relativism
Which of the following is a characteristic of economic nationalism?
nations better themselves economically by tariffs, by trade rivalries, and by internal regulation, without regard to the effect upon other nations, thus subordinating the nation's economic activity to political ends