Astronomy-Lesson 4-6

What is lava?
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True or False: Venus goes through phases, like the moon.True. It does this because of its orbit around the sun.Since we can't see through the clouds covering Venus, how do we know what the planet's surface looks like?Scientists use radar, which can get through the clouds.What are the 7 things that make Earth the only planet that can support life?distance from the sun, size, rotation, atmosphere, tilt, land,magnetosphereWhy do we have seasons?The tilt of the Earth's axis causes us to have more or less direct sunlight.4 major layers of the earthcrust, mantle, outer core, inner coreWhat is the atmosphere like on the Moon?There is no atmosphereHow does the Moon affect Earth's oceans?It pulls on the ocean, causing the ocean's tides.Why are tides important?Tides cleanse the shore and keep the ocean from being stagnant.Why are footprints likely visible on the Moon?no wind or rain to wipe them away.EquatorAn imaginary circle around the middle of the earth, halfway between the North Pole and the South PoleMagnetospherethe area surrounding Earth that is influenced by Earth's magnetic fieldAurorasSometimes called Northern Lights. It is the result of the emissions of photons in the thermosphereTrue or False: You would weigh more on the moon.False because its gravitational pull is weaker.