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  1. virtual image
  2. additive colors
  3. human color sensitivity
  4. subtractive colors
  5. retina
  1. a primary colors of light are this
  2. b in the retina, cones can sense color, unlike rods
  3. c innermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve
  4. d secondary colors of light are this
  5. e a reflected optical image; see "inverted image"

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  1. The range of light energy that people can see
  2. change in apparent frequency
  3. high to low energy
  4. curving or bulging inward away from an object
  5. the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to that in a medium

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  1. pupilthe adjustable opening in the center of the eye through which light enters


  2. refractionthe bending of rays of light away from a straight line


  3. dispersionthe bending of rays of light away from a straight line


  4. absorption spectrahigh to low energy


  5. corneacurving or bulging outward toward an object