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  1. Doppler shift
  2. inverted image
  3. frequency
  4. bright line spectra
  5. virtual image
  1. a change in apparent frequency
  2. b image with opposite orientation from object; see "virtual image"
  3. c high to low energy
  4. d how many waves pass by a fixed point in one second
  5. e a reflected optical image; see "inverted image"

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  1. secondary colors of light are this
  2. orange, green, and purple
  3. the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye
  4. The range of light energy that people can see
  5. reflection off of smooth surfaces

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  1. erect imagean inverted image formed where rays of light meet; see "erect image"


  2. primary colorsorange, green, and purple


  3. color reflectionthe absorbing of colors


  4. retinapart of eye that focuses light


  5. additive colorsprimary colors of light are this