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  1. refraction
  2. lens
  3. absorption spectra
  4. optic nerve
  5. cornea
  1. a part of eye that focuses light
  2. b the bending of a ray of light
  3. c the electromagnetic spectrum
  4. d the nerve that carries neural impulses from the eye to the brain
  5. e the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye

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  1. how many waves pass by a fixed point in one second
  2. reflection off of smooth surfaces
  3. a solid object that bends light
  4. the tracing of a ray
  5. orange, green, and purple

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  1. velocitythe speed and direction of a moving object


  2. concavecurving or bulging inward away from an object


  3. dispersionthe bending of rays of light away from a straight line


  4. additive colorsprimary colors of light are this


  5. erect imagean inverted image formed where rays of light meet; see "erect image"