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  1. focal length
  2. sclera
  3. nomenclature of the EM spectrum
  4. lens
  5. wavelength
  1. a the white of the eye
  2. b part of eye that focuses light
  3. c the distance between 2 crests or 2 troughs of 2 waves
  4. d the distance from a lens to its focus
  5. e electromagnetic spectrum; visible light, infared light, etc.

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  1. image with same orientation as object; see "real image"
  2. the scattering of light
  3. curving or bulging inward away from an object
  4. the electromagnetic spectrum
  5. the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye

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  1. ray tracinginnermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve


  2. spectralreflection off of smooth surfaces


  3. inverted imagea reflected optical image; see "inverted image"


  4. bright line spectrathe electromagnetic spectrum


  5. optic nervecurving or bulging inward away from an object