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  1. spectral
  2. index of refraction
  3. frequency
  4. subtractive colors
  5. focal point
  1. a the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to that in a medium
  2. b reflection off of smooth surfaces
  3. c how many waves pass by a fixed point in one second
  4. d the point at which light rays meet
  5. e secondary colors of light are this

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  1. curving or bulging inward away from an object
  2. the scattering of light
  3. innermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve
  4. the adjustable opening in the center of the eye through which light enters
  5. part of eye that focuses light

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  1. wavelengththe distance between 2 crests or 2 troughs of 2 waves


  2. prismmuscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil


  3. nomenclature of the EM spectrumelectromagnetic spectrum; visible light, infared light, etc.


  4. convexcurving or bulging outward toward an object


  5. color reflectionthe reflecting of colors