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NOW function

Returns a number that corresponds to the system date & time beginning with December 31, 1899.

format painter button

Formats a cell quickly by copying a cell's format to another cell or range of cells

goal seeking

Determines the value of a cell on which the formula depends.

what-if analysis

Scrutinizes the impact of changing values in cells that are referenced by a formula in another cell.

Pie chart

Shows the relationship or proportion of parts to a whole.

freeze titles

Excel will display titles on the screen, no matter how far you scroll

relative cell referencing

Adjusts a cell referen ce when copying a formula or function


Offsets a piece of a pie chart for emphasis

IF function

Assigns a value to a cell based on a logical test.

absolute cell referencing

Keeps a cell reference constant when copying a formula or function.

Exploded Pie Chart

A Pie chart with one or more slices offset is called a(n) ______.

immediately redraws the chart based on the new value

When you change a value on which a chart is dependent, Excel _____.

Goal seeking

If you know the result you want a formula to produce, you can use ____ to determine the value of a cell on shich the formula depends.

Absolute Cell Reference

Keeps a cell reference constant when copying a formula or function

Pie chart

Shows the relationship or porportion of parts to a whole.

Mixed Cell Reference

A cell reference with only one dollar sign before either the column or the row.


Indicates a cell reference error.

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